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Mariah Carey Takes Herself Way Serious

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You know, in case you might not have thought so in the past.

Remember how intense Gisele Bundchen was about birthing her child? Er, wait, I’m sorry: having her child come through her body? Well Mariah girl here was almost just as bad. OK, I liked – way worse. According to husband Nick Cannon via the Daily Mail:

Nick Cannon says he was the ‘production manager’ as he revealed he filmed the labour and controlled the music while doctors adjusted the lighting. Mariah, 41, had ordered her 1995 live performance of Fantasy to be played as the babies arrived so that they would be born to a round of applause. Nick, 30, told chat show The Talk: ‘It was definitely over the top. I was the production manager of the whole production. I was the DJ. I had the camera on one hand.

‘The lighting had to be perfect. My wife was like, ‘if you’ve got a camera, you make sure the lighting is right.’ The doctors were adjusting the lights. ‘But it was amazing because she wanted a certain song to be playing when the babies came out. ‘She wanted Fantasy, from her live performance from Madison Square Gardens so they could come out to a round of applause.

Wait, now. Let me get this right. She wanted a certain song playing (one of her own songs, of course) so that the babies could come out to a round of applause? Is that a fact? You know what my daughter was born to? Probably me screaming in demon-voiced agony while wringing the nearest nurse’s neck. No, but really. Seriously and honestly. Who behaves like this? Who seriously has such control and OCD issues that even something as “natural” as childbirth has to be planned down and analyzed to the second, with each detail in place, and if – God forbid! – one thing is out of place, the entire damn thing’d probably be ruined for EVERYONE? Good heavens, man.

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  • I never knew vanity and narcissism.. And the rotation of the earth solely relied upon her …. OH GOD GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF !!!! You are NOT as important as your delusional ass thinks !!!!

  • This is so fucking hilarious. I was telling my friend about this today and we couldn’t stop laughing, both at the names they chose and the birth situation. Beyond hysterical.

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