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SPOILERVILLE: ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Has a Winner!

Photo: Let me just ruin it for you: J.R. Martinez won DWTS

I hope I’m not ruining your Thanksgiving plans—which were, of course, to sit down with a six-pack of beer, cue up the DVR, and watch the season finale of Dancing with the Stars, all while weeping softly—by telling you what happened on the show last night.

Oh, well, here goes: motivational speaker and All My Children star J.R. Martinez is officially the Season 13 winner. (Thirteen seasons! How, even? I’m not sure I understand how TV works anymore.)

Martinez and his partner, Karina Smirnoff, barely defeated Rob Kardashian in the gripping reality-dancing competition. The other finalist, Ricki Lake, was edged out of the contest earlier in the evening.

Martinez’ victory is inspirational—the 28-year old is a veteran and survivor of the War in Iraq—and it was certainly deserved, too, as anyone who witnessed his moves can attest.

But according to Page Six, Rob Kardashian and partner Cheryl Burke actually finished the competition ahead of J.R. Martinez (albeit by one measly point), while Martinez outpaced Kardashian in terms of viewers’ votes. And because Dancing with the Stars is as much a popularity contest as it is a challenge of skill, there’s some speculation that Kardashian lost on account of the family name. In fact, Rob’s chances at winning were probably seriously injured the night the Kardashian girls sat in the audience.

Not to diminish J.R.’s victory or anything, but yeah. Yeesh.

(Image via Digital Spy.)

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