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Lea Michele Thinks Being A Diva Is Awesome And That Gwyneth Paltrow Is The Greatest

A photo of Lea Michele

Lea Michele … oh, honey, what will we ever do with you?! You’re one of the biggest pains I’ve ever heard of, every time you open your mouth I feel like eviscerating something, and to top it all off, you can barely dress yourself. I have to tell you, girl, it’s getting old. I can’t just keep on talking about you over and over because you keep on giving the same diva spiel everywhere you go.

Ok, ok, I will, but just this once!

On plastic surgery: “Have I been asked to change anything? Uh-huh. Uh-huh. When I was 15, my mother and I went to meet a manager who said, ‘You have to get a nose job in order for me to work with you,'” Michele tells us. “My mother would say to me, ‘Barbra Streisand never got a nose job. You’re not getting a nose job.’ And this was before I really even knew who Barbra was. I just knew that she was, like, the messiah for girls like me.”

On being a diva: At a Time magazine party, when a photographer asked who she was, she reportedly replied, “Sarah Palin”—a remark that was taken to be a snotty “Don’t you know who I am?” “I was being silly,” Michele says. “But anyway, that’s a huge thing I learned…. Not everybody knows you and has the same sense of humor. At the same time, if I couldn’t be myself, I’d lose my mind. I came from the theater world, where the word ‘diva’ was awesome,” she continues. “But it’s different in Los Angeles.”

On her weight loss: Michele became the subject of eating-disorder rumors when she suddenly looked very thin during the summer of 2010. Not so, she says—the weight loss was due to a surgery she had because of an infection in her jaw. “I’m half Italian,” says the actress. “I can eat some bitches under the table.”

On that sexy Terry Richardson photo shoot: “People were really offended by this, being that we play high-school students,” she says. “But we’re not high-school students! Cory is almost 30, and Dianna and I are 25. But there was such controversy. I do try to keep in mind that there are a lot of young viewers watching our show. But it’s a delicate balance, continuing to be who you are but also remembering you’re in a certain position. But would I do the shoot again? Absolutely.”

On Gwyneth Paltrow: “I don’t know what people are smoking, because this woman is one of the most talented, beautiful, smart but laid-back, cool people I’ve worked with,” Michele says. “That’s what I hate about this business. Before I met her, I was intimidated because of her image. But she’s the greatest.”

Ugh. That’s really all I have to say. Oh, that, and being a diva is definitely not considered “awesome” in the theatre world. Also, how terrifying is the thought of Lea Michele/Gwyneth Paltrow team-up and does anyone else find it extremely telling that Lea calls Gwyneth one of the coolest people she’s ever worked with?

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  • you hate lea michele and your opinion is biased on your personal hate against her, she is always wrong on your eyes. Iwent to the glee concert, lea jenna and kevin were the nice ones that took pictures and signed things to the fans.
    so if hate her so much, leave her alone.

  • I wish she would get off this nose thing. I don’t see how her nose looks anything like Barbra Streisand’s nose, it’s just a normal nose. And when they ask if anyone ever asked to change anything, she says ONE manager she went to when she was 15 (ten years ago) said she should change her nose. She cites no other instance of anyone saying she should change her nose or any other part of her. I think it’s more likely that she ran into an asshole manager than it is that she is anything like Barbra.

    • She never said her nose looks like Streisand. She, like Streisand and were told to get a nose job to make it in the business. And just cause she only mentions ONE manager doesn’t mean others haven’t said something about her nose. Look on most web site with her picture and at least one person will bitch about nose and tell her ot get it fixed. I have even seen people call her Jew nose on web sites before.

      • It’s entirely possible that THEY comment on it because SHE is always commenting on it. I have not seen one interview where she fails to bring it up.
        Oh, and I have had quite a bit of criticism directed at the poetry I write. Does that make me the next Anne Sexton or Jack Kerouac? Because I am sure they both faced criticism too.
        No, it means most of my poetry is shit.
        That is called self-awareness.

  • Ugh, you insufferable wench. When will everyone collectively decide to hate this dumb ass bitch? Who likes Gwyneth Paltrow? Only dumbass bitches. Nobody cares that your nose isn’t a button nose, your awful everything overshadows your nose anyway.

    • Everyone on the glee cast has said they love working with Paltrow. You sure do have a lot of hate for someone you don;t have to deal with.

      • Um, yea, I do hate Paltrow. Everyone on Glee saying they love working with her does not make Paltrow great. Have you read the shit she says in her blog, or in interviews? She’s so fucking pretentious it seeps through her pores. I don’t have to “deal with” her directly to hate everything that comes out of her word hole.

  • Nobody cares about her stupid nose. She’s the only one who ever brings it up. She needs to shut up about her nose. And stop comparing herself to Barbara Streisand. IN HER DREAMS.

    • Well the report may have brought tit up. And you look at other web site when she is picture someone always brings up her nose.

  • Emily why so bitchy yourself. She is answering the question maybe bitch at the interviewers for awhile.

    Why don’t you just ignore her if you have an irrational hate for her?

    Anyway bitching about people on the internet is probably worse then anything she had so done.

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