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Love It or Leave It: Lea Michele Needs to Stop

A photo of Lea Michele

If we’re being perfectly honest here, there is not a thing that Lea Michele can do to make herself tolerable, to me, at least. I don’t care for her attitude, I don’t care for her performances, and I really don’t care for her fashion sense. So what does this girl do? She goes and hits me where it hurts – ugly colorless dresses and stupid, stupid facial expressions.

Well played, Lea. Well played indeed.

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  • Ughhh she’s so awful in every way. She’s hanging around nyfw like a bad smell.
    Hands on your hips. CuT3 P0$e guRL.

  • Gross, the cut of that dress looks like something you could have bought from Body Shop 10 years ago. Check out the bottom. Yack!

  • It’s a shame, girl can sing. But she’s such a little diva. And she’s starting to get real scary thin.

  • Bleh. I even had to look up the name for that stupid hem. (Rutched)

    Originally, that hem would’ve been seen on 10’s and 20’s evening gowns with a much cooler top. I like those gowns. I don’t know what the hell this piece of crap is. It isn’t a Michael Kors as I’ve seen on other sites.

    And she should be beaten for wearing those shoes with that dress.

    Her hair looks good though and I’ve always found her kinda attractive. She is annoying. I’m not sure I could tolerate her for any length of time, but I only know her from teevee.

  • I could tolerate all of it. The thing that drives me nuts is that silly mannequin thing girls do with their arms when they pose for a picture.

  • Two references that I might be to dated or weird to use but; one- her dress makes me think that Pizza the Hut from Spaceballs gave some of his vomit like self to this mess called a dress. Two- it is also reminiscent of that weird Dog Demon on Buffy that was in the last season, maybe the last two. He was a regular. Anyway, his fleshy grossness also reminds me of this dress. The nasty dress matches the wearer, so all in all a fair post.

  • leamichele very well done great job for not haven him i am so happy for you to be good friands not haveing any more

  • I am not even remotely a fan of hers and don’t typically find her attractive but she doesn’t look terrible here. Her rack in particular looks great.