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Michael Lohan Got Arrested Again, Tried to Escape by Jumping Off A Balcony

A photo of Michael Lohan

I’ll say this about Michael Lohan: the man has got gumption. Just when you think you’ve got him, BAM! No such luck! You can’t cage a wild animal, and Michael Lohan is no exception.

For example, when Michael here decided that he wanted to talk to his girlfriend, Kate Major, just a couple days after getting arrested for beating and threatening to kill her, he went ahead and did it. He called and called her, and since Kate wasn’t quite ready to kiss and make up, she called the police, who rolled on over to Michael’s hotel to arrest him. But Michael Lohan is a resourceful man, and when pushed, he’s not afraid to do what it takes to survive and thrive. And that’s why instead of cooperating with the police, he jumped off his third story balcony, and then he got arrested. Michael Lohan does things on his own terms.

Did I mention that drugs and alcohol were involved?

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