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Poor Jessica Simpson Has The Worst Luck, Even With Stalkers

A photo of Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson

And no, when I say “stalker” I’m not talking about her fiance, god! I’m talking about the completely obsessed fan who just wrote a book called The True Story of Jessica Ann Simpson’s 22 month long attempt to seduce a married man- her very Active Super Secret Sex life: True Story Jessica Simpson Seduction of A Married Man (Volume 1). Yes, it’s a real thing: 30 titillating pages you can buy on Amazon for just $29.99 from the esteemed author, Marce William Burchell, who also happens to have been stalking Jessica Simpson for years:

According to our sources, Burchell had puppies sent to her home when her beloved Daisy went missing and once got a hold of Jess’ phone number. His calls and texts forced her to eventually change it.

We contacted Burchell … and part of his 1,732 word response was, “This book was not written to hurt her, but was written as my only way to heal emotionally from the severe trauma and pain she put me through by her heartless cruel treatment of me.”

Burchell also wants to challenge Jess’ fiance Eric Johnson to a marathon — winner gets to marry Jessica.

We’re told Jessica has not contacted police … yet. Her reps had no comment.

This is just off the charts crazy, right? All of it – to go that far for some stranger, to go that far for Jessica Simpson – it’s just baffling. Let’s all just hope that Jessica stays safe during these creepy times, and that she continues to amaze us for years and years to come!

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  • Emily…you are a fat fucking whore…I hate your posts….go crawl back under that rock will ya..EB was much better without you!

  • Dear Friends and Neighbors,

    We live in a free country where each of us can publish the truth.

    Dear friends, with all truthfulness, I can tell you absolutely that
    my book is 100% true. I met Jessica, in person April 30 2011
    when I was innocently waiting at the Chicago airport to go home and visit my lovely wife and children.
    I have never, ever cheated on my wife nor even wanted to.

    I had my ring on and was merely looking at books at the airport
    bookstore. Then Jessica Simpson, whom I did not know,
    walk in front of me and tried to get my attention, as I walked away, she called to me “Marce’ I will date you.”

    Yes people she knew my name, though I talked to no one and I did not have name tag on. How did she know my name and why did was she trying to date me?

    Then being very surprized I continued to across the hall to my gate without saying a word to her. She called out again
    “I am Jessica Simpson, do you want my phone number?”

    Then I wondered who is Jessica Simpson? I was never a fan,
    and never heard her sing or act. I knew NOTHING of her.
    I just ignored her and sat down. I was very surprized at this
    woman being so bold and asking me a married man for
    a date in PUBLIC and offering her phone number.
    MOST of all she knew my name and obviously was there
    purposely just to get date from me.

    Jessica Simpson continued to stalk me for the next 22 months
    and she offered sex very often to me. When I told her that I only have sex with a woman that I am married to.
    Then Jessica Simpson offered to be my wife too.

    She learned I was trying to raise $5 million for an electric car company to put Americans back to work and to free our country from dependency on oil
    She told me if I would go and have sex with her
    that we could plan our marriage in bed, and she would give
    $ 5 million.

    I was offended at being offered money for sex and marriage.
    So I walked away from her in anger.

    Jessica DID meet me many times in ultra secret.

    Let’s get the record straigt, I never stalked Jessica Simpson
    nor did the police ever accuse me of that. They couldn’t because I don’t live in California and almost never go there.
    I haven’t been to California in almost two years.
    Last time I went was for a job interview and to take engineering classes for 4 days.

    I did not ever, stalk Jessica. That is why they can not and did
    not even ask me questions. There was no reason for the police to interview me. They did not even have enough to warrant talking to me. It is total lie.

    Further, I never called her, or ever texted her and this is
    very easy to prove as my phone records will attest to that.

    The reason for all these FALSE LIES about me is to discredit my book and me in the eyes of the public.

    Further, I am not a fan of Jessica Simpson. I never heard her sing or saw her act. I never went to any concert of hers.
    I am not a fan, and especially not crazed or creepy.

    I am a very nice man who fell in love with her, because
    she contantly met me secretly for nearly two years.
    She whispered words of love in my ears just inches
    away. Countless things she told me, in person, about her
    family, loves, etc…

    I did not want to write this book, but had to heal
    from the harm she caused me by constantly begging me
    for sex. She teased, tantalized and tortured me
    trying to make me love her more and more.

    My story is true about Jessica Simpson. I told her
    that she we need to meet to discuss all this wild relationship
    we had and to find emotional closure. If she would not come
    again to discuss this, then I would have to write the book and tell all. I told her in advance that I was writing the book months ago. I told her, if she ever wanted me to drop the book
    and not publish it, all she had to do was calll me and tell me so.

    She never did. So I published the book.

    Further, being a gentleman, I told her to call me anytime
    and I will stop the book when she tells me to.

    I kept my word. My book is the true story of a desperate
    woman who chased a married man for love, sex, marriage
    and a baby.

    It about a person whom I met secretly many times.

    Yes, I met her many times.

    Unless you know the truth, I think you should keep an open mind.

    By the way, Jessica did not comment nor did her representatives. It was some unnamed secret contact in the Jessica camp. Could it have been a security guard?

    Wow! Not even a reputable representative of Jessica responded and originated this vicious assault of my honesty
    and integrity.

    Jessica Simpson did NOT deny she knew me in person.She
    won’t likely deny she agreed to marry me and she
    came to elope and marry me July 30, 2009
    at 6 am at the La Guardia airport gate going to Chicago.

    YES, Jessica Simpson knew me so intimately and loved me
    so much she came to elope and marry me.

    My book is very credible and a true story too.

  • MR Marce why is it no media such as GMA, Today show, The View, Regis & Kelly, DR Phil or any of the excellent quality media picking up your story. It’s pretty evident that its all a crock. Jess will never comment as she has no need to. For her to comment just gives more attention to you & that is not what is needed here. I really hope she stays very safe & ERIC too. Please get some help & soon.

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