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Jessica Simpson’s Dad and I Don’t Approve of Jessica Simpson’s Fiance

A photo of Jessica Simpson and Joe Simpson

And believe you me, we’ve had plenty of long chats with Jess to try and convince her to change her mind, but it just doesn’t look like it’s working.  Jessica is going to go ahead and marry shady Eric Johnson, no matter what her father and I think. Honestly, kids these days.

Since Jessica’s dad Joe is such a sweetheart, he went ahead and told In Touch how we feel:

Wedding dress shopping? Check. Rings? Check. Location? Check. Seal of approval from the father of the bride? Not so much. Though Joe Simpson was intially a fan of Jessica Simpson’s fiance, Eric Johnson, the overprotective dad is now singing a different tune. It seems Eric’s unemployed status — the former pro-football player was in grad school for business before dropping out after meeting Jess — is causing some major concern: “It bothers Joe that Jessica is paying for everything and that Eric really doesn’t have a job,” reveals a friend. So much so that Joe is pressuring Jess to call off the wedding completely! “Joe thinks Jessica can do much better and that’s the bottom line,” adds the payl. Of course, the rift between the two most important men in Jessica’s life is making her upset and feel like she’s trapped in the middle. “Jessica is a daddy’s girl, so it bothers her that Joe no longer approves of Eric,” the friend explains. “She’s really torn.”

For real though, I don’t like this Eric character.  Like, for once, I don’t want to break something or vomit after a Joe Simpson statement, which I think speaks volumes all on its own.

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  • Joe is kind of creepy. what does he do for a living? doesn’t he suck off both of his daughters for a living?

    I do think Jessica’s fiance is a loser, but she is desperate to marry again since her ex is getting married. She has serious issues, she needs to dump her dad as her manager, get a new manager and start thinking for herself

  • She just should of stayed with Nick. Her dad is just messing up her life. She needs to make her own decisions.

  • Joe doesn’t like to practice what he preaches.
    Joe Simpson was a FORMER pastor who pimped his two girls to Hollywood- thus not only being a parasite from his daughter’s fame-whoring- but sold his soul to Satan and his Hebrew helpers as well.