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Jessica Simpson’s Getting Amped Up About Her Wedding

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Great news, guys! Jessica Simpson‘s gone and set her wedding date! I mean, we don’t know when it is or anything, and for her sake, it’s probably better off that way, but hey – progress!

She and Eric Johnson, ex-NFL player to whom she was engaged earlier this year, are said to be in the planning process of their wedding, though Jess herself has no idea what she’s going to wear:

“I’m still trying to figure out what to wear! I don’t know if I want the big boom, or the curvy thing, but it will be something beautiful … I kind of have a couple ideas in my head, and I have a date; I’m really excited!”

And I’M still sitting here trying to figure out what ‘the big boom’ is. Um, anyway, Jess also claims that she won’t be doing any kind of crazy crash dieting for her wedding, ’cause she just doesn’t give a fuck about that kind of stuff:

“I just have to work out on my own. There is no regimen I need to follow. There’s no diet I need to follow. I just need to do some things for myself and that’s it. And that will make me feel the happiest. No exercise is fun! I am going to dance around my bedroom and hopefully lose some weight — and lift some weights and do what I can!”

And you know what, honestly speaking? I think that’s the thing I like the most about her: she truly DOESN’T give a fuck. Maybe if less people started not giving a fuck, the world would be an easier place to be. Maybe we should all take a page out of Jess’s book and see how things turn out, huh?

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  • God, I hope you’re being sarcastic! If she truly, truly doesn’t give a shit, she wouldn’t say she doesn’t need a program out of one side of her mouth and not take a breath and say “,,,hopefully I can dance around my bedroom and lose the pounds. Actually, the true litmus test for not giving a shit would be not feeling awful when you walk around and hear other people (i.e.chicks like me) murmurring to each other: “She’s too fat for a dress like that. The seams are gonna pop!” Now, THAT would truly be not giving a shit OR a rat’s ass!