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Is Jessica Simpson Getting Ready to Kick her Man to the Curb?

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Sources at In Touch say ‘fuck yes she is.’ Granted, In Touch is only a few baby steps away from having credibility like Star or The Enquirer, but hey. Maybe all of this positive thinking will kick girlfriend’s ass into gear and drop the dead unemployed weight known as Eric Johnson or, at the very least, sign a prenup if she does end up marrying this assclown.

According to close friends of Jess, she’s beginning to see the light and thinks, like a lot of others before her, that Johnson’s been using her for a free ride and a free ride all this time:

… Jessica recently requested a breather from her clingy beau.

“She told him to get lost for a few days,” the friend reveals. “They were spending every waking minute together, and Jessica had finally had enough.”

It was a classic case of too much togetherness, the friend explains.

“Jessica usually likes being with other people, so initially she loved that Eric didn’t have much going on.”

Eric was initially what Jessica needed after being dumped by Tony Romo in 2009. But lately, Jessica has grown tired of unemployed Eric’s constant presence, and she asked him to give her a few days alone so she could focus on something other than him.

“He was getting on her nerves… now she wants time away from Eric every month.”

Jessica is also growing weary of financially supporting the former NFL player, who hasn’t worked since 2008. Jessica recently bough Eric a car, but now she’s decided she’s the one who deserves a hot new set of wheels.

“She traded in her Range Rover for a $120,000 BMW X6M,” the friend says. And Jessica wants to make it clear to Eric that the luxurious car isn’t their family vehicle – it’s for her and her only (like a growing number of things lately).

So wait a second. Jess is just now realizing that being together with someone 24/7 isn’t the best thing for a relationship? After a marriage and a few long-term relationships, this idea is JUST DAWNING ON HER? What, is she eighteen or something? Jeez, Jess, get a clue. And promise me, when you get it, you’ll tell hubby to get a damned job, too. This could be a two-fer here, you guys, and amazing things just might happen.

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  • She probably got sick of him standing in the way of all those fries, cheeseburgers, icecream, cheesecake…well, you know, FOOD!!!! Now she won’t have to diet and work-out anymore and can just graze the days away.