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Love It or Leave It: Vintage Simpson Sisters!

A photo of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson

For some reason, People decided to share this picture of a very Simpson Christmas, circa 1990, and I may not understand it, but I love it so.  And honestly, what’s not to love?  The Blossom hats.  The sweaters – my God, the sweaters!  The suavity of pre-crazy Mr. Simpson.  I also love how my initial reaction was “oh, baby Jessica Simspon!  Who’s that little girl next to her – ohhh …”  Old family photos must be a little weird to look at post-plastic surgery.

But my favorite thing has to be how Jessica and Ashlee’s mother is none other than Britney Spears, who I sort of suspected but now am convinced is actually some sort of immortal, respawning life form.  Think about it – that’s the only way she’d be able to survive these past few years.  I’m sure if you flipped through the history books, you could find pictures of Ms. Spears working the factories during World War II and portraits of her in corsets and hoop skirts.  Britney is forever, y’all.  That is what we’ve learned today.

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