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Of Course We Need A Dirty Dancing Remake

Nobody puts Baby in a corner. Everybody knows that. But apparently it’s totally fine to murder Baby, bury her in a shallow hole, resurrect her, kill her and bury her all over again, and then spit on her desecrated zombie grave, because they’re making a Dirty Dancing remake. No, not another shitty sequel, a remake of the beloved original.

The sacrilege, also known as the remake, will be directed by Kenny Ortega, a guy who also directed a couple of High School Musicals. Other credits of his include directing This Is It, the Michael Jackson documentary, and backing out of directing that horrendous Footloose remake. And what’s more, he was the one who choreographed the original Dirty Dancing. So it can’t be ALL bad, can it?

Oh wait, it definitely can. It can be all bad with a side of horrible and a dash of traumatic. Without the eternally glorious Patrick Swayze and the beautiful Jennifer Grey, what is Dirty Dancing? Do you think for one second that I’m going to sit there and watch Zac Efron charmingly tickle Lea Michele‘s arm? Because I won’t.

Would you watch this monstrosity? And, even better, who do you think would get the legendary roles?

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  • Ill watch it just because im curious how theyre going to work it. But ill hate myself for it. You cant try to replace patrick swayze.

  • Noooooooooo! I was pissed when I heard about the Footloose remake but this? THIS?! is going too fucking far!

  • This is atrocious. I almost cried when I read that they may truly go through with it. Hollywood just needs to leave well enough alone, not EVERYTHING needs “the next triple threat” to remake it. & I definitely do NOT want to see anyone like Lea Michele & Derek Hough cast as Baby & Johnny, that’s for DAMN SURE! & if they TRY to remake The Neverending Story, I’m blowing a gasket..all over Hollywood. Ludicrous.