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That Michael Jackson Film Didn’t Do As Well As They’d Hoped … So Now It’s Not a Limited Release Anymore


I think execs over at Sony kind of screwed themselves by spending months acting like it would be impossible to get tickets to This Is It, the Michael Jackson concert flick. They were trying to create buzz, but it seems like fans really believed them, and didn’t even bother trying. The film brought in just $20.7 million over the Halloween weekend, much less than Sony expected. They’ve realized their mistake, and now they’re trying to make it clear to audiences that they can, in fact, get tickets — and that the flick will be airing in theaters for longer than the originally stated two weeks. It’ll be in theaters up through Thanksgiving — and probably longer, if you want my guess. Says the studio in a press release:

In just 5 days, Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT has become the highest grossing concert film of all time and we are elated by the response to this special film by fans, critics and moviegoers from all over the world. With this kind of global response, it’s clear that the motion picture deserves an extended run and we are going to do everything we can to make the film available to everyone who wants to see Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT on the big screen.

It’s interesting to look at this from a marketing perspective. Obviously the goal was to drum up crazy buzz for the film by treating it like a very exclusive engagement. It doesn’t necessarily sound like a bad idea — and it’s a marketing strategy that’s worked many times before — but in this case it just totally backfired. Why? Thoughts?

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  • It’s probably because people spend all their money on Halloween candy. Or the general public is just over Michael Jackson.

  • From what I’ve read, it was difficult to get MJ concert tickets, and now Sony execs are going to be a pain in the ass about a concert film? Fans loved MJ, and his music, etc- but this was an obvious ploy to make money off of a dead man. Had they wanted to honor his memory, they wouldn’t be working a gimmick.

  • $20.7 over the weekend and it’s the “biggest grossing film of all time?” I think Sony needs to realize what the rest of us already know: Michael Jackson’s following, at least in the States, was over many, MANY years ago. No one cares anymore……

  • Actually, Sony qualified their statistic by saying that This Is It is the “…highest grossing *concert* film of all time…”. Methinks that is not much of an achievement, as I cannot., at the moment, recall *any* theatrically-released concert films at all save the Jonas Brothers’ recent disaster.

  • Why spend the money to go to the theater when the DVD was in WalMart?

    Why spend the money on the DVD when I really don’t care in the first place?

  • It’s a recession, the film is NOT THAT Great.. nor the star; and who wants to platinum pave the way of all the bill collectors and freaks that want more pieces of the tainted, toxic Jackson pie? Michaels’ strangely collected kids have their own inheritance and a respected bunch of lawyers to protect their interests, his mother has a enough to see her through this life.. frankly no one ‘likes’ or ‘respects’ any of the other living Jacksons anymore.

  • Maybe if the family had donated 20% of the net profits to abused children I’d have gone to see it. At least 20% of it.

  • SO glad they decided to extend the run in theaters.. i’m still gonna get my ticket soon though cause i think they’ll still sell out! I’ve been seeing tons of good reviews of it so i’m really excited to see it….

  • Sour Grapes ! What are you crazy!! The movie did very well all around the world. You are just another Michael Jackson hater. I am a Michael Jackson LOVER!!

  • We wanted to see what Michael was doing for us before he died. If that had become a concert, it would have been breathtaking. I am in awe of all the ppl that have mean things to say about MJ. He worked from the time he was 5 years old, He changed the entire music world…anything you listen to has a touch of MJ in it. Most of us will go into the next world with no one knowing or caring….but Michael will never be forgotten. He is loved by ppl from 3 to 80 years old. We, who love Michael are many. As for those of you who are haters…why speak about it at all? Just don’t go to the movie. Michael’s kids are going to have non-stop bank because we who love him are going to support him in any way we can…forever.

  • You know, one thing I cannot fathom about the HATERS is why they are here, taking time to THINK of things to write and taking the time to POST things……………

    I know of a few celebs who I really don’t like, eg Chris brown, Kanye West, Letterman etc…..but I sure don’t CLICK my way thru the articles NOR do I spend time thinking about what losers they are.

    I just simply put them on my ignore radar..

    Losers, try that…..

    cause if you are thinking that your hateful comments are going to change any of our minds…..u r wrong.

    Just spend your time reading things you like, keep your perspective positive……..don’t dwindle on negative energy and/or show us your immaturity……..stay POSITIVE – PEACE 2 U.

    • I’m trying to get a hold of my friend Farrah out in L.A. to get the scoop on M.J.’s death. Her phone recording says something about her going to “The Great Beyond”. Is that an amusement park in L.A.? I hope she’s having fun.

  • i love michael jackson he is the best of all time. if u dont like him then you need help. my heart goes out the his kids. they are very strong with this lost. michael you are the star that shines so bright. love you always.
    love your fans

  • he is the best. some people dont like him and i dont see why. you have never met him. like people say dont juge a book by it cover.and people say well he was black now he is white. who cares. he is a person that was made by god.and so are. he is like a legen , he will live on forever.