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Please Tell Me Everyone’s Listening to Marina and the Diamonds

Because she has this brand new video out, and it would be a shame if you had to do all that catching up.

We’ve only mentioned Marina once around these parts, and that was because she called out PETA for a dumb, sexist ad. And let me just tell you, that is so much not enough. See, last year, I was all about what I called my Sassy Lady Singer Trinity, which was comprised of Florence and the Machine, Amanda Palmer, and Marina and the Diamonds here. I loved those ladies with everything I had, and I still do, it’s just that now I do other things with my day instead of listening to Lungs, The Family Jewels, and Who Killed Amanda Palmer for roughly thirteen hours every day.

Who’s familiar with the magic of Marina? And isn’t her new music just as stunning as the old? We can also talk about Florence and Amanda more if you’d rather.

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  • I’m into my 5th decade and the other day I was totally charmed by some music that I heard in American Apparel… And it turned out to be Florence and the Machine…

    And I saw Marina and the Diamonds perform on SNL I think. And she totally charmed too… A bit like Nina Hagen, a wild pop-operatic singer from the 80″s….

    I’ll never forget the chorus for the song Marina and the Diamonds were singing on SNL…


    Is there a name for this new wave of female music….?

    Love Nicole

  • i have absolutely adored marina for about a year and a half now. i saw her live in boston at a small venue for 15 dollars about a year ago, and she was so enchanting and gracious. my acapella group even did a cover of “i am not a robot,” and subsequently we got all of our music-loving groupies hooked on marina. thanks so much for dedicating a post to her–we need more young people in the spotlight that are true artists!

  • I love her so much, her music is beyond amazing. I really like the new song, too. Have you checked out Bat for Lashes? She’s great too, you should totally add her to your Trinity! (Even though then it wouldn’t be a trinity anymore).