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Do You Think PETA is Sexist?

Marina & The Diamonds called out the new PETA ad that makes light of the whole TSA body scan debacle and she made an interesting point: Why are these ads always filled with naked chicks? Whether they’re famous or not, PETA always uses female sexuality to hawk veganism.

This is the ad in question:

Marina added in a second Tweet, “Yeah, this is real… Where are the naked guys in these ads?!”

I don’t know if men appearing in the ads would “even the score.” It would be interesting if PETA developed a new marketing strategy that didn’t involve naked humans covering their bits with live animals.

Are you tired of the nudity in PETA ads?

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  • im sick of the PETA ads. I know people who have gone vegan thinking A. their going to get that “sexy” vegan body and B. think their going to fuck a vegan with that body. its stupid, besides PETA loves killing stray pets and wants you to give them up. and by give them up they mean kill because its too weak to live on its own

  • PETA: Winky dink
    Marina and the ding-dongs: Winky-dink.
    Worrying about objectifying women: Winky-dink.
    Marina worrying about PETA objectifying woment in their ads:
    Triple winky-dink.

  • sick of their ads too, however, i think this one is clever but would not make much sense for guys, i guess. actually, if this woman were vegan she’d have no boobs or muscle tone, so guess it doesn’t make sense for many women either.

  • Are you kidding?! Of course they are sexist! Nobody calls them on it because PETA will scream bloody murder back at`em or mount a protest or throw paint on someone so everybody tiptoes around them. “Ooooo…Don’t piss off PETA!” Where are all the women’s rights groups telling them to knock it off?! And the naked celebs who take part are only in it for the publicity, “Oooooo…Look at me! Please don’t hurt the furry little animals! Lookee, I’m naked!” Jeebus! This outfit and the celebs that drop trowe to be connected with them are all locksteping in the same A**Hat Parade!!
    The Evil One…Out…

  • Peta needs to meed my landlady. She’s been vegan for years and quite obese. Vegan does not necessarily equal thin.

    • Two of my very close friends are vegan (and have been for many years). They’re both fat. I also knew a couple of really thin vegans back in the day, but still. Point is, as you said, being vegan does not mean you will be thin.

  • I wrote this organization off a long, long time ago. It truly speaks to their intelligence (or lack thereof) that they cannot speak of their cause without using the fall back tactic “sex sells”. They lose a little more credibility with each campaign.

    • I agree. When I first heard about PETA, I was more then willing to associate myself with them because I’ve always cared about animal rights. After realizing that they not only do this, but make personal attacks against people and think it’s okay to pass horrible judgments on regular people, I quickly stopped. There’s 101 things wrong with them, but they are too ignorant and self concerned to care.

  • I’m fed up of PETA and I live in the UK, where they have a very low presence, if anything. I hate, hate, hate how they try to shove their vegan beliefs down my throat; tired of their holier-than-thou attitude towards people who wear leather or eat meat. If you want to deprive your organism from proteins and other important elements, then do it, but I am not going to do it and don’t try to make me feel bad over that. And I know now I’ll have five vegans saying how amazing their diet is and how well they feel. Well, mine is, too, and I didn’t give up meat. Fuck PETA and their stupid, sexist campaigns.

  • I feel like PETA is comprised of a bunch of snarky, mean girls who got off on making fun of the fat chick in high school. Basically, you’re saying if I give up meat and dairy, I’ll be cool right? I’ll finally be thin and therefore “worthy” right? No thanks PETA. I’m from Wisconsin, where cheese is considered a vegetable.

    Fuck you and the tofurky you rode in on.

  • I dont understand why PETA thinks objectifying/humiliating women (if you’ve ever seen the women put in cages, no exaggeration) is a good way to get people to stop eating meat. The organization has no credibility and are more interested in the money/celebrity endorsements. There’s a million good reasons to give up meat and take better care of animals, but they’d rather spend their time with these stupid ads and euthanizing animals. That’s right, PETA kills animals. Oh, and they dont want you to have pets either. So let your pets go to them and be killed and objectify women. Fuck you, PETA!