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Selena Gomez’s Stage Costumes are SIZZLIN’

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Yup, so this is what the Selena Gomez who is totally not sleeping with the underage Justin Bieber is wearing for her latest concert. Last night, Selena kicked off her US tour in Boca Raton, Florida, and debuted some skimpy, heading for Rihanna territory-type costumery (please and thank you).

Also. I need you guys to be totally candid with me: is this girl even really all that talented, or do people just go see her because she’s Justin Bieber’s girlfriend? And if the latter is the case, what will become of Selena Gomez in the end?

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  • All I can see is “I Dream of Jeannie.” But Jeannie was 2,000 years old, so she would definitely be WAAAAY too old for Justin.

  • Ofcourse she is talented. She did won all those awards for her music and acting.

    Skimpy? Now you are overreacting. It is still a lot more classier than what Miley and others wear on stage.

  • she’s a better actress but her songs are pretty good and she was selling out long before she was linked to justin bieber.

    also, she looks great.

  • Leave Selena allown even know she’s dating Justin beiber that dusint mean you have to hate you all going to die if you say bad things about her

  • I doubt anyone gives a shit about her shows because she’s dating Bieber. If anything women don’t go because their angry with her. Guy’s don’t go because she’s no longer single and there for the groupie dream is gone. Some people go because she’s hot, some go because they like her music. After she dumps the 12 year old girl that is Justin Bieber, she’ll do fine, maybe better.

    (Don’t hate me because I hate Bieber, he’s worrying me about whether or not women are straight. (because I’m a guy not because I’m anti-homosexual) if he’d grow a beard and assure the world he were a male I think it’d go a long way.)

  • Umm.. She dunt look that fine.. And yaa.. During this concert justin bieber was persent and he was dam sad… Mybe thrs someting worng.. With this guys..

  • I would fuck her so hard she would not be able to walk for a few days, then I would crash the plane her pussy boyfriend beiber is in. Then Id go right back to fucking her.