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Rihanna’s Got Some Interesting Tour Costumes These Days

photo of rihanna crotch vagina onstage upskirt pictures photos tour 2011

Remember back in the day when Rihanna had that girl-from-the-island-next-door vibe going on and she was all soft and easy-spoken and understatedly seductive? Yeah, I do too. And that’s the Rihanna that lives on in my heart and memory, because this new technicolor “I’ll suck your dick AND bite it off when you’re not looking, too, while slapping the shit out of you with my a thick, coarse, red dreadlock and you’ll LIKE IT BITCH” kind of creeps me out. As do her stage costumes. See for yourself.

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  • My wardrobe advice for this doormat? Better start choosing colors that go with black and blue.

  • Wow, her outfit’s as annoying as Katy Perry’s usually are…

    I prefer the “old” Rihanna.