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Zac Efron Has Four Nipples, Maybe

We always knew there was something magical about Zac Efron. But now we know for sure! Sort of.

One, two, three, four! Four nipples for Zac Efron!

Sandra Lee, M.D. has cracked the medical mystery of those tiny dark spots on Zac Efron’s effortlessly hairless unicorn chest: they’re supernumerary nipples, maybe! Surprise! The Californian dermatologist sent out a press release detailing her diagnosis.

I love that Zac Efron is probably finding out about his own third and fourth nipples along with the rest of us. Maybe Dr. Sandra stays up all night excitedly clicking through beach photos on Wireimage, looking for errantly-nippled celebrities so she can “out” them. Like one of those Lifetime movies where the hero is frantically searching the Internet for public-domain evidence, and the ominous music swells as she thinks, “Aha! Oh, no! I knew it! FOUR NIPPLES.”

Yesterday, a representative for Zac Efron denied that Zac has four nipples, but we know the truth.

Other celebrities with extra nipples: Marky Mark, Tilda Swinton, John Edwards (four! Four for John!), Bill Paxton (but we were all too distracted by his butt to notice), and of course, Lily Allen. Oh: Carrie Underwood had hers removed.

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