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The third nipple of Lily Allen-always a fascinating topic on a slow news day.  Oh, and the reporter in this clip is beyond creepy.

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  • FYI: It’s not really a third nipple. I have something similar, and it’s just a mole with a white area around it. Mine is caused by a skin condition called Halo Nevus which is an auto-immune disease. Your white blood cells get confused and target moles, thinking they’re a foreign body and taking away the pigment around the mole. It’s totally benign.

  • LOVE Lily. She’s just so okay with being completely honest/crazy.

    You’re right Wendie; that guy is a CREEPER.

    • She’s honest but she’s not crazy, sometimes it’s just too much information! She’s still miles ahead of the loon reports make her out to be. Besides it’s not even a third nipple it’s more of a mole.

  • I saw it on tv. I thought it was funny. The whole thing about it is that this guy is a little creepy, well it’s holland..

  • We’re not creepy! Generalisation is not the key. ;_;
    Anyway, boooo, Lily Allen. She’s so weird (remember the interview about crack only being bad to people who can’t handle it?).

    • First of all stupid! Lily Allen never mentioned crack, or cocaine, or any specific drug! Secondly dumb ass, she was asked about her song Everyone’s at it (an ANTI”” drug song) where she said I know lots of people who are on drugs or have been(that could also pertain to prescription medication) #3 Lily Allen has released a statement that she does not condone drug use, and that she does not use drugs herself. 4. These reports about Lily Allen are always blown out of proportion, mainly because of people like you! 5.You are very creepy, for spreading false information.6. Her statement was I’m not going to say drugs are a good thing or a bad thing, because I don’t know that much about it (again this was centered around the song question) YOUR A JERK ERIC!

  • She handled that reporter with so much good humour and poise – I love her!

    (and Im not saying the dutch are creepy, but I had 2 long term dutch boyfriends and they were both creepy and had VERY creepy dads.)

    • Oops sorry I didn’t mean to reply to your post.
      Just read the comment about your creepy exes and their dads though haha! Maybe it’s a Dutch thing – I find most of my friends’ dads to be pretty creepy too.. shh don’t tell them I said that :)

  • This guy freaks me out!I’m going to get the horriblest nightmares of this guy!Yeah,and I think,holland is fun.