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Ice-T And Coco Are Trying to Have A Baby!

A photo of Coco and Ice-T

And for all the best reasons, you guys, because Ice-T and Coco have the purest love.  Or did you not know that?

Let’s listen to this lovely couple explain their reasoning behind procreating:

“Coco has been pushing Ice for some time about starting a family,” a pal divulged. “He’s finally given in, and promised that if their show ‘Ice Loves Coco’ gets picked up for a second season they’ll try for a baby.” A pregnancy would put 32-year-old Coco’s modeling career on hold, the source said, but she’s convinced Ice-T, 53, that it would draw more eyeballs to their show on E!

“Besides that, Coco has reminded Ice that her booty – the part of her body that he loves most – would get even bigger while she’s pregnant,” the insider revealed. “Ice wasn’t sure if he wanted to have another kid, but he real­izes Coco’s maternal instincts are kicking in,” said the source, “and if it can get ratings for their show at the same time, it’s a no-brainer!”

What a charmer Ice-T is!  I think it’ll be really touching for that child to know one day that he came into this world as a ratings ploy, don’t you?  Oh, how I rejoice for the future youth of our country!

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  • You are so eager to spew hate and sarcasm at them that you’re posting your “evidence” said from a “insider source” ?? Come on, you can’t really be that stupid …. Or can you?? Or is it your average plain-jane looking self so full of hatred towards YOURSELF that you actually take the time out to sit down and write bashing things towards a successful famous couple based on something a tabloid aka “inside source” conjured up? Wow. I’m SO glad I don’t have your life. I would probably kill myself. Hint, hint.