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And While We’re Talking About Women Who Embrace Their Sexuality …

Ice-T and Coco at JM Magazine Launch Party at La Pomme Pictures Photos

Have I mentioned how much I love Coco? Love her, love her, love her. I love how she seems to have a rock solid relationship with Ice-T, and how he’s totally okay with her running around public events wearing what basically amounts to a washcloth and heels. Because that’s what she does, and he gets it, and at the end of the day she’s going home with him. I don’t know why but I just have this sense that they have a really true-love relationship, and I just adore how she never quits rocking those curves.

Coco and Ice-T attended the JM magazine launch party in NYC last night.

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  • Coco is a very beautiful lady. I admire the fact that she is so confident with her herself to be so risque. She’s defenitly got it, and proud to flaunt it.

  • Well I freakin’ hope she’d be flauting the curves that she spent thousands of dollars in plastic surgery to create. I’m sorry but she is unnatural looking and disgusting. I’m all for beautiful and healthy ba donk a donks and ta tas, but homegirl has some body dysmorphic issues or something.

  • Have I mentioned how much beet annoys me now? Gah, I used to absolutely love reading her stories, and now I just skip the ones she wrote. Coco is a whore, beet is annoying.

    • Totally agree. Beet’s posts in the past were done with an acid wit. They could be just this side of mean but they were funny and so right on that you couldn’t help but enjoy the heck out of them. What happened to that clever writer she used to be? And the other people that write here…geeesh. I keep coming back, though, day after day, (but maybe not forever) looking for the cleverness and talent that used to reside here.

  • Le sigh. Perhaps she is attracted to them because they are interesting, because there is a story behind them; a fun and seedy story! Like the joy of a dive bars! I happen to appreciate her taste. Her choices are much better that drooling over whoever happens to have a movie out, or has been proclaimed ‘the pretty young ingenue’. Perhaps she likes them because they are not boring.

    On the implant question – Is weird to sit on bum implants? Could they burst or be displaced from sitting too much? I assume they are implants…

    • I watched a show were she addressed the rumors of butt and boob implants, and she said that her butt is all real. It’s her boobs that are fake (of course).

  • I’m a huge Coco fan, too–and so’s my boyfriend. Whenever she pops up (and practically out) at some event, I bookmark the site to show him–
    ‘cuz, you know, I’m comfortable with my sexuality, too.

    Also, in response to some of the other comments, Coco’s ass is real, y’all! She has no problem admitting to breast implants, but the ass is all her.

      you FUC*ING IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • coco is a cocksucking piece of rejected porn trash that will do whatever it takes for her pimpin’ washed up piece of shit rapper to let her house key still work when she comes home. beet knows it and just threw it out there for everyone to jump on it, like flies on a steaming pile of shit.

  • I LOVE Coco and “T”!! I’ve always thought they have a real loving relationship instead of the usual Hollywood phony relationships that last for a month or two. Whatever they have works for them and has for a while.

  • Ya know, I really dislike people who are famous for being famous (Paris Hilton, anyone?) but I really like Coco, as well. I’m not really sure why, but I don’t think she tries to be anything she’s not. Her relationship with Ice-T seems much more real than probably 95% of those in Hollywood.
    I love how people now decide to hate Beet because, God forbid, she professes admiration for someone they don’t like. Get over yourselves.

    • Professes admiration for someone I don’t like?

      First off, what is there to like? Shes an American piece of trash (probably why she likes her anyway) and has done NOTHING to provoke admiration or fans such as Beet.

      So before you say I need to get over myself (or for other people who agree with me) how about you get your little facts straight (“More real than 95% of those in Hollywood”, ummm.. Wtf is so real? Besides her idiocy?). Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but yours is just stupid.

  • ugh, sorry i basically said the same thing twice – man i feel lame for what i guess appear to be revisions – but i thought my comment didn’t show up. actually i still can’t see it, but i’m guessing that doesn’t mean anything.

    ANYWAY, i’ll add that i agree with leigh that the personal attacks on beet are ridiculous. i’m sure she’s used to it, but… calling her a “piece of trash”? really? i far from agree with every point she makes, but saying something like that is just hateful and absurd.

    love for coco!

      • eh, yeah, i know that’s kind of the point.
        and i was about to be offended by the “dumb” comment, until i reread my post and realized that if that was the only impression i’d ever had of myself, i might think i’m a moron too.

  • Coco is not my cup of tea. She’s too fat and unhealthy looking to be trying to rock such skimpy clothes…too many twinkies, alcohol and cigarette smoke and not enough treadmill. I seriously don’t want to see Fat Rolls, Pot Bellies and the Upper Edges of a woman’s Areolae hanging and popping out of Evening Gowns…gross. To me part of beauty is some Class and Grace. For example, Sandra Bullock, Rachel McAdams, Angelina Jolie….physically beautiful, healthy looking, and they carry themselves with a measure of Dignity. Fat whores stuffed into dresses like overstuffed sausages, only famous for whoring Wealthy Men are just plain Skanky.

      • Yes. I know she’s a little thin but she seems a naturally thin person- I have the same body type, I eat very good foods but am naturally thin. By healthy I mean she obviously exercises and lives a healthy lifestyle…you never see photos of her drunk in bars; you see photos of her jogging, or with her children and partner doing healthy things- on the beach, on trips, doing childrens’ things.

    • Coco is fat? Look I don’t know who this woman is, but I can tell you she ISN’T fat. Woah it’s people like you who make us think weighing more than 55kg is a sin.

      • She looks Unhealthy. Too much alchol and cigarette smoke and not enough Jogging and Vegetables. There are big women out there who are very sexy and know how to dress. Popping the tops of your areolae out of your dress and cellulite and belly fat bulging out of a too tight for you dress isn’t sexy. Less than thin celebrity women, like Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, have Curves that don’t quit, and rock Sexy while still being Dignified and Classy and without being Skanky. I admire Kim Kardashian tremendously, she has a health body and a healthy outlook.

      • Let me get this straight. You tremendously admire Kim K? Really? Oh and by “healthy body and outlook” you mean being a Quick Trim diet pills then yeah it is a healthy body and outlook indeed. I don’t look at Kim K and think jogging and vegetables. I think Talentless Bitchy Fake Vain……

  • My first (startled) reaction was “Jesus Christ, that’s an eyeful of tits!” I was even tempted to append “Get in the car!” :3

  • I have heard that Both Coco and Ice T are really nice in real life. I still can’t stand the way she dresses though. I bet she would clean up nice and look good in some tasteful clothes. Yo Ice, buy your woman some Ralph Lauren or something.

  • cocos the best looking chick in the world she has a perfect face and a crazy ass body none like her she is a diffrent class

  • coco has a great huge ass i cant wait till she comes out in cinemax late at night! come on ice tea