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Love It or Leave It: Ice-T, Honey …

A photo of Ice T

Ice-T, I love you.  You know I love you.  You just have to go through my DVDs and find all my seasons of Law and Order: SVU to see that.  But because I love you, sometimes I have to tell you the hard truth.  And this time, the truth is that you need to stop it.  You need to put down your phone, get off the Twitter, and just take a step back.

You know who else TwitPics topless pictures of themselves, Ice-T? Courtney Love.  And do we want to be like Courtney Love?  The answer is no, we most certainly do not.  So what I need you to do for me right now, Ice, is I need you to pray about it.  Keep working out, keep being proud, that’s great, that’s you, but just pray about it a little more the next time you feel like you have to post this kind of thing for the whole internet to see.  Because honey, and there’s no disrespect here, but you really don’t have to do that.

With my utmost love and respect,


P.S.  The next time you see Richard Belzer, please tell him that I still have that weird crush on him and that maybe it’d be ok if he were to take over your TwitPic duties.  Thanks!

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