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Law & Order: A Move Toward Optimism

Ok, so Law & Order got cancelled. To some of us, that might not be a huge deal.  To some of you, that might be devastating.  And this news is for you.

There’s a new Law & Order!  Get excited for Law & Order:  Los Angeles. See, it’s always darkest before the dawn, and this is the dawn. Can’t you just imagine all the crazy hijinks that will ensue in a brand new city?  So turn your frowns upside down and get ready for this new adventure!

In related news, Law & Order:  Special Victims Unit was renewed for another season, and there’s no word yet about Criminal Intent. Keep those fingers crossed, whoever actually watches Criminal Intent.

I don’t really care about Law & Order at all.  I never watched it except for a few times when there was a crossover with Homicide: Life on the Street.  Remember that show?  I don’t because I’m 21, but I have a secret crush on Richard Belzer so I went back and watched all the episodes.  That’s also why I cared about SVU until about two years ago when it turned absolutely ridiculous.  People on Livejournal write better story arcs than the writers of that show.

I guess that’s how this story comes full circle.  If you are upset about Law & Order being cancelled, go check out Livejournal.  You’re welcome.

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