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436Oh, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are *DEFINITELY* Having Sex

Photos of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Making Out All Over the Beach

And by that headline I mean, “Of course I have no proof that he’s actually sticking it to her, but if you’ve ever had sex in your life you can tell me what these two must be doing behind closed doors after looking at these pictures.”

I’ve been saying it forever. The Victoria’s Secret shopping sprees, the PDA, the pancakes, it all adds up. But if you needed any more proof that these two are getting their swerve on, then look at these photos. That is some raw sexuality right there. Her bikini-covered pelvis smashed into his waist as their mouths connect and he carries her through the ocean knowing full well that there’s most likely a camera crew near by?

Watch your back, Selena. Those Bielibers are ruthless.

May 27, 2011 at 4:30 am by Molls

436 Responses to “Oh, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are *DEFINITELY* Having Sex”

  1. gomez#1 fan says:

    you that are upset about selena and justin having sex ,are all going nut’s.I love that they are happy together.

    • party female says:

      I love selena and n love justin but them both togeter EeeeeeeeeeW

    • alexia says:

      that is creepy because selena gomez is only 17 years and she is having sex half naked with a star and what if her parents found out hat she was half NAKED HAVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kimberly says:

      selena gomez is dead and i dont know bout u and guess what bitches i dont give a damn whether they r doin it or not. soo fuck yall and if you want proof that selena is dead then go on google and type in is selena gomez dead. fucking assholes then you will see that selena iiiiiissss dead.

  2. addict says:

    juz gimme some vids and i would be happy

  3. Anonymous says:

    sex, is foe 25 yo’s, not them

  4. Party Pooper says:


  5. kellle says:

    hey sex is nessed

  6. jasmine says:

    hey sex is not that bad,it feel’s good!

    • Bella says:


      • Theresa says:

        That’s not creepy at all…..

        Looking at these pictures, they’re obviously doing some things behind closed doors. Whether it’s sex or they’re still running the bases, it’s something. And it’s none of our business.

        Also, to the person who said sex is for 25 year olds, let me
        know what you think about that when you’re 25; and if you’re still a virgin by then, let me know what your friends think about that, or if you have even told them yet. The normal age to lose your v-card now is 16. Once you have a car, you have a place to do it in where your parents can’t walk in.

    • holly samison says:

      i know sex feels good i love it i really lov it with j b do u i da

  7. do ya'll says:

    you need some fucking going around we need to see you guys’ asses

  8. do ya'll says:

    lick each others asses and put it on internet

  9. adrian says:

    dame this is nasty as f…

  10. adrian says:

    i got more cock then jb plus he cant hit peoberty

  11. adrian says:

    if i were jb i would be on the bed

  12. adrian says:

    fuuuuuuck jb i wouldn’t fuck her in the pussy week people do that in the butt

  13. adrian says:

    jerking off works man

  14. adrian says:

    plus im goin to hollywood this summer to see my aunt

  15. adrian says:

    that wood be wrong
    putting that in the internet

  16. adrian says:

    i humped a girl sence i was 3 im not lying

  17. adrian says:

    f… you jb oh plus suck my two family joels

  18. friend says:

    i love justin very much

  19. Oh Fuck Yes They Are Fucking Hard that Selena Screms With um

  20. alexia says:


  21. Anonymous says:

    this sucks big balls

  22. Anonymous says:

    I think they are too young and with all that publicity. One of them is bound to have regrets later. Which would be Selena

  23. Anarya says:

    I know that sex is good, because i had done it so best of luck to selena and justin

  24. Omg! I mean really justin. You sick bastard. Now everyone knows that you fucked selena. You used to be my number 1 hero and now I don’t know what to believe anymore. =’(

  25. haley says:

    justin bieber and selena gomez are perfect for eachother so f**k you Anoymous and im only 7 years old i go to linden street school i know Anoymous does

  26. haley says:

    theresa is right

  27. best1983 says:

    ya all is crazzy jb is a fag and sg is a hoe / whore / pedofile

  28. jadalyn says:

    Gays. You now that it isent your bes nes. And i am both of ther fans and i thank thay. should. stay to gether because it is fun to see them together

  29. Dafuk? says:

    Oh cOme on people you have sex and nobody care job has sex and it’s all BUT YOUR JUST A KID!

  30. Dafuk? says:

    I ment JB stupid auto correct

  31. Hey everyone it is NOT true I did not fuck Selena Gomez in bed we did have a little fun that night humping and making out but I did not fuck her and that baby is not true PS I hate you all so fuck off bye bye muahahaha

  32. Anonymous says:

    justin you are so ugly fucken bich

  33. best1983 says:

    what did you you stepin you stepin on me

  34. bitch ass motha fucka says:

    listen gay bieber go f… your self

  35. bitch ass motha fucka says:

    im f….. selena right now she screming oh yeah baby harder and im dick 5 inches of the ground

  36. bitch ass motha fucka says:

    how big my dick is leave an answer?

  37. justin bieber says:

    it is true im gay

  38. justin bieber says:

    i love my richnes i dont love selena

  39. justin bieber says:

    Time to date miley cyrus

  40. justin bieber says:

    i dont care about my friends

  41. selena gomez says:

    fuck you justin

  42. selena gomez says:

    i hate im never being a gb that why they all talking shit about us started i never like you anywase so like that guy said go f… your self PS:fuck you and your sister

  43. adrian says:

    hey selena you are spelling somthing wrong in this blog

  44. zoe says:

    R u guys really jb and selena

  45. adrian says:

    get out of here zoe this fight sence i met them

  46. livwho says:

    Are these comments really happening? Shut. Up.

  47. selena gomez says:

    i hate justin bieber he thinks he all that

  48. Anonymous says:

    Would you guys just shut the fucking up

  49. selena gomez says:

    hey adrian wanna date

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