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Justin and Selena: It’s Probably More Than ‘Just Pancakes’

Last week I told you guys that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were seen in Philly holding hands and eating IHOP and that there’s probs a chance that the two of them are getting their teenage grind on. Well, Selena attended an event over the weekend and when MTV asked her about the pancake snuggles, she was all, “They were pancakes! Who doesn’t love pancakes! It was innocent!”

Yeah right, Sel! I’ve eaten pancakes at IHOP tons of times but I’ve only sat on the same side of the booth as my meal partner and held their hand if I was, you know, DATING THEM. Which is MORE THAN JUST PANCAKES.

You can play coy all you want, girl. We know the truth.

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