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Justin Bieber Kisses Selena Gomez, Talks Shit About Marg Helgenberger

What’s better than two chaste young lovers giving one another chaste, staged, kisses in public? A heated battle of the wits between one of said young lovers and a seasoned actress, thirty or forty years his senior.

All you guys know exactly what I’m on about. Emily covered it earlier: CSI‘s Marg Helgenberger thinks Justin Bieber is a brat.  So here’s Justin’s response to Marg’s comments:

photo of justin bieber twitter marg helgenberger pictures photos

Oh SNAP. It’s ON.  But you know, Justin didn’t even stop there:

photo of justin bieber's twitter account pictures photos

So here’s the funny thing. I’m so beyond the Justin Bieber fascination, and I frankly want to slit my wrists over the swooning young girls that fall all over themselves while they envision the Beeb serenading them with ‘Baby’ (even though I was totally one of them at one point, just over Isaac Hanson instead), but I’m kind of on the kid’s side with this one. I’m not necessarily saying that he’s right in blasting self-righteous tirades on Twitter about how adults should act, but he IS just a kid. And a kid is going to be a kid, brat-like or not. I like Marg Helgenberger, but throwing Justin under the bus for being an annoying seventeen-year-old prankster is just petty and sad.

Note to Marg? Just keep trying to get that check by playing Catherine Willows. I know it’s no Justin Bieber-like role, but it’s what you’ve got right now, girl. Do try to keep on the straight and narrow.

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  • Yeah because talking trash “ambiguously” on twitter isn’t totally douchey…. grow a fucking pair and grow up, not everyone is going to love you. deal with it.

  • Oh please! gtfoh.. He is a fucking brat, we all know he is a brat, this chick had the balls to say it out loud and everybody’s got a problem with it? Give me a break. This guy is such a brat, that he can’t even take critizism. Easy to try to be a “kid” when it’s comvenient, but “kids” don’t buy lingerie for their girlfriends. This guy is a fucking idiot.

  • Girl please. Enough with the “he’s just a kid” excuses. Despite appearances, he is not in fact, a toddler. Really. Google him, he’s allegedly 17 years-old.

  • Thank god she had the guts to tell the truth instead of the “oh he was wonderful to work with and everybody loved him” line they always throw out there. We all know that a 17 yr old star is capable of vast amounts of douch-ery. And if anyone I know punched a cake in my presence they would be dead to me. I really like cake.

  • Wow Sarah! For reals your usually my favorite on here but you telling Marg how to act really just rubbed me the wrong way. I’m sure he was being a brat and she called him out, that’s BS to say she better watch her mouth for her paychecks sake. She seems like the kind of lady who was just lookin out, respect that.