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Now Lady Gaga’s Gone and Made Me Feel Bad For Her

Okay, so I know I was just making fun of Lady Gaga two months ago and that you guys hate her too. I probably need to be put on mood stabilizers, but I NEED to post this clip for you guys because I think it’s important in a few ways.

Lady Gaga sat down with MTV last week (I’m guessing it was last week because she’s wearing the EXACT same hair and make up she wore on American Idol last week) and spoke to them about a painful experience she had growing up. Basically these mean boys in high school threw her in a trash can outside of a pizza place and it sounds like it was pretty horrible.

I can kinda relate to that because once these boys shoved me in a duffel bag and dragged me around the playground in 5th grade. Look, I think we’ve all been there, okay? I mean, so what if she seemed like someone on Saturday Night Live doing an impression of her when she relayed the story? It’s kind of too tragic to ignore. I know, I’ve got a huge heart.

Maybe Gaga and I need to meet in the middle on this one. I’ll lighten up about how freakin’ craycray she is and maybe she can tone down the theatrics. Or whatever. Let’s just hug, guys.

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  • I don’t feel sorry for her.. if she was as annoying back then as she is now then she deserved it..

  • I don’t hate her. I think she’s fabulous, and she’s a really talented musician, like it or not.

  • I agree with Harriet – she’s Not Taylor Swift but IMAGINE if all new muscians were bland! We’d have nothing to talk about.