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Lady Gaga Does Another Bizarre Interview

Lady Gaga may describe her music as “fantasy techno rock” but I still think that that’s just a fancy way to say, “music that sounds like it’s popular in a country where they haven’t heard good music in 20 years so they’ll take whatever they can get.”

I mean, just watch this interview with FuseTV if you think you have the stomach for it. Gaga, as I always say, is one smart lady, if only because she spends a lot of time talking about shit that goes right over most people’s heads because it makes no sense. She’s amazing at making things that lack any sort of importance sound like they have a great deal of importance, which I guess is an art form in and of itself.

Gaga talks about being half woman/half machine, she talks about now allowing herself to be a puppet or a hooker, and fighting for what she believes in and all the interviewer did was ask her what “Born This Way” sounds like. It’s just a lot of talk for only a little bit of decent music.

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  • Seriously you think she is talking smack for only a little bit of music? Im sorry but i magically stumbled across this late at night and cannot beleive that some people would dedicate so much energy to whinging about an artist, whom of which is an outstanding leader and icon in a genre which you obviously have no understanding of… You may not get her music but you can at least have an appreciation for her smart and successful skills as an artist I am interested in what you think good pop music is or qualifies to be.. let alone good music in general.