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How Are We Feeling About Lady Gaga These Days?

I figured that a post with this behind-the-scenes video of Gaga‘s new V Magazine shoot and some of the outtake photos might be a good opportunity to check in and see how we feel about Mama Monster.

Personally, I’m torn. I still think her music is kinda sucky and I thought she looked like a total moron when she mentored the contestants on last Wednesday’s episode of American Idol, but I also really respect her as a business woman. She’s smart and knows how to make people pay attention to her, which in her industry is pretty damn important.

I wanna know where you guys stand, though. Obviously Gaga is massively popular, but is she with you guys?

Let me know what you’re thinkin’ about Gaga in the comments and by voting in this handy dandy poll I made y’alls.

How do you feel about Lady Gaga?
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  • I don’t know why people have such a problem with her. She’s living a very creative life – she doesn’t claim to be perfect. And I think she shouldn’t be harped on so bad for wearing “weird” outfits. If I had that body, I’d wear what ever the hell I wanted too! Her music is nothing more than pop music she’s never claimed it to be anything else – she is a flambouyant pop star -end of story.

  • I liked some of her music, it can be fun to dance to. But….something about her irks me. It doesn’t feel like she’s genuinely creative, it feels like she’s desperate to be portrayed that way though. I don’t know.

    She see’s herself as an “artist” and her outfits as “art”. At the end of the day though, she’s just a musician rolling out medicore pop tracks.

    I’d respect her more if she was even a little bit down to earth.