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Quotables: Britney Spears Just Found Out About Justin Bieber

A photo of Britney Spears

“I think he’s adorable. I just saw his movie, and I really didn’t realize how big he was. He’s enormous; he’s just Mr. Man. A lot of the movie is really similar to what I did when I was starting out. I did a promo tour for a year, going into radio stations and all that. It was so cool to see our similarities.”

– Good ol’ Britney telling Harper’s Bazaar about that newfangled Justin Bieber.

Seriously though, what sort of crazy spell do you have to be under to have just noticed the majesty of Justin Bieber? Britney might be broken, but last time I checked she wasn’t the kind of broken where she can’t open her eyes or ears to observe the world around her.

I know that you guys are special and privileged in that you get regular updates on the Biebz, but do you know people like Britney who aren’t aware of Mr. Man?

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  • A lot of people aren’t obsessed with Justin Beiber. Most people in their 20’s and adults who don’t have kids have probably heard of Justin Beiber but don’t give a fuck about him. Not everyone is into pop culture, you know.