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Justin Bieber Goes to Israel, Eats Pringles

Justin Bieber is definitely a teenager. He’s a hair flippin’, soccer ball kickin’, cheap lingerie buyin’ teenager, that’s for damn sure.

The sixteen-year-old superstar was photographed in Israel Monday, munching down on Pringles and slamming an iced tea in front of the Western Wall, which is honestly one of the most ridiculous sights I’ve ever seen captured. Is all of this fame and opportunity to travel being wasted on the kid or am I insane? Who the hell scarfs Pringles while staring at one of the most famous historical sites in the entire world? Like, is he stoned?

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  • what else is he supposed to be eating- halva?
    I think you may be reading into this one a little too much…

  • um ok i guess it’s nice 2 know what he is eating why?Comment ic if u care what he is eating and idc if u don’t thnx i’m bored that’s all idk

  • what the fuck are you doing in PALESTINE(not israel) while kids are dying you have a freaking concert like what the hell man get a life and im not a hater its just that people do so many wrong stuff these days and what happened toPalestine is the worst but which is worse is that you went and had a concert for these freaking spoiled israel kids and you didnt care about the palestinians but what the fuck you dont give a shit do you………

  • Why are you shits talking about why are you people are criticize him at least he gave a concert /and just so you fuckers know that im a belieber im just saying that you shits back off cause he didnt do anything wrong and fyi IM GOING TO KILL YOU SELENA GOMEZ I HATE YOU I HOPE YOU DIEEEEEEE