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Justin Bieber: Not Just The World’s Most Talented Singer

A photo of Justin Bieber

He’s also phenomenal at soccer!  Who knew?!

Just kidding, I don’t know if Justin Bieber is any good at soccer, but judging by these lovely pictures of The Biebz in Barcelona and the fact that he is the greatest gift Earth has been given, I’m going to go ahead and assume that he’s better than Beckham.  Fair?

Let’s cut the small talk and swoon over these pictures together.  Sigh.  It’s just like, “what can’t he do?”, you know?

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  • From the way I feel when I see him, I’m starting to think that “Justin Bieber” is just a euphemism for involuntary projectile vomiting.

  • I don’t have a problem with Justin Bieber. I don’t like him, or hate him. I nothing him.

    However, I don’t get the Bieber worship, especially from someone your age. Care to explain?

  • Reading the words in this post made me think about my eleven year-old neighbour, she swoons like this too. I find it a tad amusing.

  • Hi Justin Bieber you Bitch Fuck Ho To Hell
    Come My House
    kill you Beiber so
    15 canton St E14

  • its really amazing that 15 year old for getting famous so fast,having that vocal…i mean there must be something behind all this …but not good