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Donny Osmond (LOL) Has Some Advice for Justin Bieber

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“I look at the experiences that I’ve gone through as a teeny bopper (and) having that I look at Justin Bieber and my heart breaks for him because I know what he’s going to go through, he knows that, everybody knows that… That kind of success at that age can really bite you in the shorts… Put on the seat belt, buddy, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride and there’s going to be times when people say you’re not talented any more. Never give up on yourself.”

Donny Osmond, offering some pearls of wisdom to the ‘teeny bopper’ Justin Bieber. One major thing I noticed about Donny Osmond? He looks like a much older version of Justin Bieber. Is this what we have to look forward to as the Beeb ages? A Donny Osmond incarnate? All I know is that Bieber would be well-advised to stay away from any Dancing With the Stars appearances, in the event that the show is still on by the time Justin Bieber starts to become irrelevant. We all know what that did for good old Donny at any rate.

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