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Celebrity Tweet of the Day: The Former Child Star Edition

Child stars are the best, right?  Something special and magical happens when a kid is thrust into the spotlight like a piece of meat thrown to the wolves.  And really, what tool do we have to analyze this that is better than Twitter?  I defy you to name one, but before you do, go ahead and check out these tweets and we can decide which former child star is the most well-adjusted today.

Where my dogs at?  Just kidding, that’s ridiculous.  Bow Wow has always been ridiculous, even when he was just a puppy. His nonsensical ramblings about tacos just further prove that, but who knows, maybe you guys understand what he’s trying to say and identify with him, I don’t know, that’s why we’re voting.

I know this JoBro is still pretty young, but he totally qualifies for this category.  He’s been dating a Twilight vampire with no purity ring on – he’s not a child anymore.  He’s a grown ass man who feels the need to tell his fans about his dog’s flatulence.

Finally we have Sister Sister‘s Tia Mowry with her good attitude and positive hashtags.  I have no mockery for that.