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Bow Wow Drives Drunk and Lives to Tweet About It


Rapper Lil’ Bow Wow was out and about on New Year’s Eve, tarnishing his sterling reputation by tweeting about driving drunk in his Lamborghini, although personally I think he did the most damage by admitting that he was spending time with Chris Brown.

Gawker did a pretty thorough analysis of this:

* Im fucked up!!! = I am drunk.
* Y i drive the lambo = I am driving my lamborghini now. I should not be.
* Chris might have to drive after next spot = As in, I’m driving it right now, while tweeting, and I’m so trashed I think I’ll ask Chris Brown to drive next, because after beating up Rihanna he had to go sober. But first: another party!

Bow Wow later deleted the tweet.

I have to tell you, the older I get, the more passe drunk driving is. When we were younger, it was all like, “Yeah, I’m cool to drive, it’s no biggie, I’ll be fine.” Now that we’re all more aware of our mortality (and/or been hit with a DUI), driving drunk is far less common. Last night, everyone at the party either took a cab or had a designated driver. (I was the designated driver for my friends — try it sometime, they love you forever!) Drunk driving: So not hot right now.

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  • Amen to that. Being the designated driver definitely has it’s ups, like choosing which music to play in the car and which drive-thru to hit on the way home (my own d.d. ground rules). Oh yeah, and getting everybody home safe :) I just don’t understand why celebrities make such poor decisions when they have the money to pay for alternative transportation (or a driver). Sigh.

    • Yeah, and what do you refer to your Lamborghini as? I say if you have the cash to own one, you can call it whatever you fucking want. I’m guessing you refer to your 1992 Honda Civic as your “Civvie”.

  • This just makes me sick. Two really close friends of mine lost loved ones in the past year because of drunk drivers. Driving drunk is such an asshole move.

    • Totally agree. Drunk driving is not just uncool but also irresponsible and selfish. Even if you don’t care if you kill yourself driving drunk, think of the other people you could kill/incapacitate forever. Would the guilt of having killed another person be worth the independence of driving yourself when you’re impaired? Would confining another person to a wheelchair be worth the embarrassment you are saving by not asking for a ride or calling a taxi? These aren’t just hypotheticals, they are real possibilities. Think about it before you get behind the wheel.

      • I agree about drunk driving but think it’s just as dangerous to be tweeting or texting on your phone while driving down the road sober. I think using cell phones without a bluetooth while driving should be against the law.

  • So Chris Brown has gone HOMO huh? I always figured he was a closet rump ranger judging by his hostility towards women.

    • Chris Brown’s the turd that didn’t go down the toilet on the first flush, just seconds away from going down the shitter forever.

  • actually, i’m happy that bow wow realized what he did was wrong and never wants to do it again.

    i remember when i was in college, i would drunk drive occasionally – one of my biggest regrets ever – looking back on it now, i’m so lucky to never have been in an accident. its good that bow wow realized what he did was stupid before anyone got hurt.

    • Where did you get the idea that he realized what he did was wrong and never wants to do it again?
      He said that Chris “might” have to drive after the next spot.

      • on other gossip sites, like perezhilton gawker and dlisted, they posted his next tweet which apologized for his former tweets and said what he wrote was immature etc.. it isn’t exactly eloquence but the regret is there.

        i don’t know why this website choice not to post the more recent tweets….

  • Don’t be hatin’ on them skills. Drunk, drivin’, tweetin’, got my mind on my puberty and my money on my balls droppin’……..

  • How come Chris couldn’t type his tweet for him? Oh that’s right, his hands were real busy. SNORT.