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Something About Britney Spears Seems… Off

We love Britney Spears over here, but after watching the new promo for her March 29th Good Morning America appearance, I have to ask: What’s up with her these days?

I know that we’re never going to see the Britney that we knew back in ’99. She’s older, she’s a mom now, and she had a pretty rough couple of years there, but I feel like we’re ignoring the fact that she seems tired, sad all the way down to her eyeballs, and yo, if I’m not mistaken, even her speaking voice sounds different. If she was my grandmother, I’d be worried that she’d had a stroke and no one noticed.

It seems as though Britney wasn’t quite ready to get back to work yet, but as someone who’s been working like a dog since she was a pre-teen, she probably doesn’t really know any other way of life. I fear that if she keeps pushing herself, she’s going to wind up back where she was in 2008, and I’m sure that the people in her life can see that, too. Why else would she still be under conservatorship?

This is what I’m getting at: Let’s celebrate this new Britney record and be supportive of her television appearances, but keep in mind that this is a woman who, less than three years ago, was shaving her head and beating in car doors with an umbrella. There’s no way, regardless of how much we’ve willed it to be the case, that she’s on top of her game again. Let’s give our princess a little bit of breathing room while she continues to sort out her life, aight?

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