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Britney Wants You Guys to Dance ‘Til the World Ends

Her words, not mine. I know that if the world was ending, the last thing that I’d be thinking about would be DANCING, because I just don’t roll like that. I’d be more worried about the possibility of a zombie invasion, and if that happened, there’d be a hardcore exodus to the closest Walmart (which is, frightfully, 30 miles away), because really, WHAT BETTER PLACE to WAIT OUT A ZOMBIE INVASION than Walmart?

Oh. And speaking of dead-eyed, reanimated corpses, what do you think about Brit’s newest single, “‘Til the World Ends”?

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  • Walmart is the WORST place to be in the event of a zombie invasion! EVERYONE will go there! Which means less resources and more chance of infection!

  • I usually only listen to indie shit, rock and the likes – stuff that makes me feel like a left wing hippie intellectual (which, incidentally, I am), but even though this very well may be the music equivalent to MacDonalds I LOVE it. Britney can do no wrong in my book. Not now, not ever.

  • I’m guessing this is probably just me and most people aren’t like this, but if I found out the world was ending, (and if it were a case where there was no chance of me being able to stop it) I would DEFINITELY just dance until the world ends, because I LOVE to dance. So why not?
    But that’s just me.