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Michael Lohan Jr. Is The Smartest Lohan

A photo of Lindsay Lohan, Dina Lohan, and Michael Lohan Jr.

You see that guy in the foreground up there?  The guy with the cool shades and the delightfully tousled hair?  That’s Michael Lohan Jr. You might not recognize him – that’s ok, he doesn’t come out much.  When he does go public though, it’s pretty clear that little Michael Jr. has a head on his shoulders, and that he’s going to be the one Lohan to make it.  You know, without numerous counts of criminal charges.

Little Michael Jr. (who’s actually a decently attractive 23-year old and not so little) is changing his name – just the last one – and here’s the story from TMZ:

We joked about it on TMZ TV this week — that the name “Michael Lohan Jr.” was holding him back in life. Now … sources close to Junior tell us he had been thinking about changing his name for awhile, but our TV segment was the straw that broke the absentee camel’s back.

Sources close to the Lohan clan tell us The Artist Soon To Be Formally Known Michael Lohan Jr. will be changing his name to … Michael Cameron. We’re told Michael plans on using the name starting with the upcoming movie he’s starring in, produced by his mom Dina.

I think Michael Cameron sounds nice, right?  It doesn’t conjure up any pictures of some tragic man, wandering around like a lost soul and kicking his girlfriends in the face.  I’m still a little concerned that he’s working with Dina, but I think this kid is headed in the right direction.

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  • Cameron, ugh! Conjures up images of the awful David Cameron. It’s a nice name, but being a Brit, the association is not a good one.

  • I was thinking that everyone will wonder if he is related to Jesusboy Kirk Cameron. I wouldn’t think he would want that either.