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Caption This

Ahhhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha!

Long-lost Lohan child Michael Jr. finally steps out of hiding and into the public eye, and what happens?

He ends up photographed standing next to his mother with some manner of liquid spilled on his crotch.

I LIVE for this stuff.

Caption away, kiddos.

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  • All I can think of is that Michael probably had some very interesting thoughts in his head at the time this photo was taken. He’s probably regretting coming out of the dark, now that he’s been photographed with his disgusting mess of a mother… with a (presumable) alcohol spill on his pants. Classy.

    Honestly though, I hadn’t seen any pictures of him before, and well… he is quite sexy. He is so much more attractive than any of the other Lohan’s. I’d certainly hit that. :-)

  • in a momentary lack of self control , Michael unloads after spotting,from behind,some sort of trashy skanky blonde !
    ….and of course , you can imagine his shock/horror/terror/disgust when blondie turns around !



  • Momma Lohan: “I really didn’t know it was him before I went down!”

    Brother: “Mom…I just pilled vodka on my pants.”

    Momma Lohan: “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about”
    ***whispering behind his ear*** “Shut the fuck up, I want that cover!”

  • “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

    agreed on the hot-ness of the Lohan boy.

  • Out of the three old hags in the room I choose this wizened old woman who splashed me with her sour apple-tini as mother.. I er.. think.

  • I’m just wondering at what point one should put the bleach bottle away and start aging gracefully. Jeez.

  • Mom…I thought you said you swallowed now…christ now how am I going to get lindsay to ride it later if she sees my spooge from you blowing me.

  • as a mother I find these comments disgusting
    I wonder how old the woman is
    her hands look like 100 yrs old

  • yeah, she needs some norwegian formula on those babies.

    i didn’t think it was possible for a lohan to be attractive, but i stand corrected… this guy is cute.

  • for whoever wanted to know: he’ll be 21 in december & his middle name is ‘douglas’…yes-‘michael douglas lohan’ WOW ;)

  • Why does this picture make me sad? Perhaps it is the possible trajectory of a life in these pages when he could have just remain anonymous. Why would you want to belong to a publicly dysfunctional family of sluts and whores? I don’t understand this….