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Nick Cannon says He’s Pursuing a Degree in Child Psychology

I guess when it comes to getting a degree, its best you go with what you know. And Nick Cannon knows kids.

Besides having worked for years at kids central, Nickelodeon, the host also has 12 kids and counting.

While speaking on podcast The Language of Love with Dr. Laura Bermanearlier this month, where the 42-year-old opened up about his educational journey.

While discussing his plans for pursuing a master’s in psychology and a Ph.D. in divinity, Nick reflected on shifting his master’s to child psychology.

“Yeah, that’ll come in handy,” Berman said, as Cannon added he’s “I’m in that conversation every day.”

“Oh, the presence of a father and how much will they need you and the Freudian aspect of reverting back to your childhood trauma, or the lack thereof. Nature vs nurture. These are conversations I have several times every single day,” Cannon continued.

“With who?” asked Berman. “With naysayers or with the mamas?”

“Nah, not naysayers. But I’m like, I’m living, whether in therapy on my own or even just wanting to make sure that every single child has what they need, developmentally. And emotionally. I’m studying the brain and at what point does sensory matter,” Cannon explained.

A noble pursuit, Nick.