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Britney Spears Will Never Control Her Own Money

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It’s been about eight years since Britney Spears experienced her infamous (and extremely public) breakdown, and while she’s improved dramatically ever since and seems to be back to living a relatively “normal” life (within the scope of fame, obviously), no one really trusts her yet to fully go it alone, particularly when it comes to finances. Her father Jamie Spears has controlled Britney’s money since January 2008, and it doesn’t look like that conservatorship is going to end any time soon. In fact, it likely never will.

From TMZ:

We’re told there are no plans to end the conservatorship, even in the long term, and no one involved is complaining. As TMZ and every other media outlet reported, Britney was so bad off at the end of 2007 her family was in fear she would die.

After she was taken to the hospital on a psych hold, her dad, Jamie Spears, went to court and a conservatorship was established in January 2008. There are actually 2 conservatorships … one for the person, and one for finances.

Fact is … the conservatorships have worked remarkably well. Britney — who at her worst was on the verge of losing permanent custody of her kids — is now by any standard a great parent. Jamie and Britney’s doctors have stabilized her to the point she can successfully work and maintain a personal life.

As for the financial conservatorship, it has been a huge success. Last year alone the conservatorship raked in $14 million, and that’s only a portion of Britney’s financial machine. As one source said, before the conservatorship her finances were an absolute mess, and the ship has been fully righted.

We’re told Britney — who has a team of lawyers and doctors, along with Jamie, managing the conservatorship — has “substantial day-to-day freedom” to make her own decisions.

Short story … if the conservatorship were to end, there would be significant risk she could backslide. The plan is to continue the conservatorship indefinitely … because it works.

I think in these situations, there’s always the concern that people are going to take advantage of her – and yeah, I know Jamie is Britney’s father, but money does nasty things to people, so no one is beyond skepticism. However, if it really is working for them and it truly is for Britney’s safety (and frankly, I think it’s probably warranted in this case), then that’s fair enough.

That being said, if anyone was THAT concerned for the mental health (and emotional, obvs) of someone, maybe they wouldn’t be pushing her to continue being famous. She’s got more than enough money to last her and her children a lifetime comfortably, so… I’m not really feeling that. Someone that’s mentally ill and needs a cocktail of medications to remain stable isn’t really a prime candidate for Hollywood.

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  • Who is going to take on the conservatorship after her dad dies? Maybe she’s still working for the sake of “therapy.” I remember something being said about her being bi-polar ‘way back when, but it may be worse than that. Still, if someone has to MAKE you take your meds, you need to be taken care of.

  • She has an accountant brother and lawyers taking care of her, as well as a sister and mother too.. But ultimately she has bad judgement, is fragile soul, eager to please, has to take medication for her mental disorder and is carelessly stupid with her life and isn’t a stable, a good dependable mother nor responsible for anything living, including pets.. She maybe took too many drugs, having a baby caused the minor mental problems to exasperate into full blown crazy episodes, independence doesn’t mean do what you want when you want, she doesn’t comprehend.. as she had no serious thoughts on the adult consequences of marriage and motherhood..

    • I like your comment. I don’t think she hasn’t been famous for more than 3-5 years, right? That has to scramble your brains when you can’t get what you want when you want it. Add mental illness to that mix and she’s really fortunate she’s still alive.