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Bill Nye Reads Mean Tweets; Internet Explodes

Bill Nye

Bill Nye (“The Science Guy”) is typically a beloved figure, right? He’s a childhood staple and he was even on Dancing with the Stars. There’s nothing much to hate, right?

WRONG. Some damn ornery Tweeters (?) took to Twitter to unleash their steam of hate upon Bill Nye. I honestly didn’t think anyone could NOT like Bill Nye, but these tweets prove me wrong. So I guess consider this a #ThrowBackSunday (which isn’t a real thing, but I don’t give an eff), because here’s everyone’s favorite de facto science teacher reading mean tweets about himself. And yeah, it’s a little unnerving to hear Bill Nye saying “The F Word”, even if it is bleeped out. BILL! BILL! BILL! BILL!

Okay, be honest: how many of you sitting in science class saw the TV cart wheeled out and thought, “HELL YEAH, BILL!!”?

~~Only ’90s kids will get this~~

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  • This so called scientist.. haha doing a skit.. I think I am funny by dissing people with other opinions is all he is good for, other times he is a most determined calculated liar and vicious mean-spirited, talking head twit., who will say or do anything to help his BIG HATEFUL COMMIE LIARS OVERTHROW CULT Club destroy Human freedoms and any moral values in favor of their brain wash the masses agenda