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Britney Spears’ Conservatorship Isn’t Over Because of A “Medical Issue”

A photo of Britney Spears

From TMZ:

There’s a reason Britney Spears’ conservatorship has lasted 4 1/2 years with no end in sight — it’s because she has a serious medical issue that prevents her from making consistently sound decisions … TMZ has learned.

Documents were filed Tuesday in the conservatorship case, urgently asking the judge to seal certain records.  In the papers, lawyers for the conservators called the records “highly sensitive,” adding “irreparable harm and immediate danger” would befall Britney if the documents weren’t sealed.

Multiple sources with firsthand knowledge tell TMZ … the records are medical documents outlining Britney’s condition and treatment.

We’re told the singer has a disorder affecting her personality that can affect her state of mind.  We’re told she is doing “extremely well” but needs the safety net of a conservatorship.

Sources tell us there is no plan to end the conservatorship, and the judge is completely down with it.

FYI … there are 2 components of the conservatorship — the personal and the business.  The personal conservatorship allows Jamie Spears and Jason Trawick to make life decisions for her.  The business conservatorship involves managing Britney’s career and fortune.  As for the business side, we’re told it will probably go on indefinitely because it has been incredibly successful.

This is interesting, so let’s speculate, all right? I think it’s strange that Britney’s medical records are being sealed just now, and not back when she had that big episode. And if Britney has this “disorder affecting her personality” that could cause “irreparable harm and immediate danger” if anyone found about it, then what could it be? I thought it was pretty well documented and widely acknowledged that Britney was severely bipolar, and even if I just made that up, it’s not a secret that she’s not all that balanced mentally. So what disorder could she have that would surprise anyone this much?

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  • The only psychiatric disorder that I know of that would warrent an indefinite conservatorship would be schizophrenia. Maybe it varies state to state. How old was she when she divorced Federline? I thought at the time that it was proof positive that underneath the goofiness of youth, a sane woman was coming out at last, but wasn’t it around that time that she seemed to act more and more “odd?”

    • I agree Everyone has a personality disorder. This is not something that would have to be “sealed from the public.” She’s got schizo and it’s sealed in fear that the stigma would cause irreparable harm to her image and career. Right now she’s earning 15 million and we know that this can be near impossible with a schizo public image. Do you see Amanda Bynes getting a paycheck like that? No, she won’t even allow paparazzi to take pics. Btw schizo & other insanity issues are almost always cause by the toxicity of heavy metals such as lead. Tom Cruise criticized psychiatry calling it “quackery” to Matt Lauer because he knew heavy metal chelation can remove toxic heavy metals from the body for a recovery. But, it’s not allowed because there is no money to make if everyone is healthy. Med industry is a business, nothing else. There is no cure for any disease ever, while every year they have a news line reading”cure in sight near future”- ya right

  • I’m no expert, obviously, but severe bipolarity or the early stages of schizophrenia wouldn’t surprise me. Britney seems like a sweet girl despite her “episodes”, and I wish her the best of luck.

  • Well, she’s been documented with severe bipolar, AADD, and personality shifts under stress. Those shifts lend themselves to a psychotic break or neuroticism.

    None of those can be treated with overlapping medication and all those together WOULD put her at significant health risk. Not to mention she wouldn’t be able to control her urges at all.

    One of her problems with her time on Idol was she couldn’t take her meds for AADD and anything else she’s sporting. Bipolar means any of those meds could trigger mania and lala land.

    Basically, when in a manic state, they make VERY poor decisions and some bipolars can’t remember anything that happens during their manic phase. Backed with AADD and psychotic breaks during stress, she would be fairly susceptible to manipulation and subsequent victimization. That would present a danger to her, obviously.

  • I think the new ailment is called ‘greedy daddy syndrome’, unfortunately it seems to be spreading. New studies appear to have found that this disorder is communicable and can develop into ‘shady ass fiancéitis’. It may become an epidemic.


    • I agree. She tried to break out years ago, but now her handlers control her more than ever. The story reeks of monarch programm. Poor thing.

  • One of her diagnoses may very well be schizophrenia. There is such an incredible stigma attached to this disease and for many people who may suffer with this condition they often find it more acceptable to society, and even themselves, to identify as simply “bi-polar.” The two are strongly linked. As an RN I’ve seen these two diagnoses concurrently in my patient’s charts over the years but more times than not these patients will skip over “schizophrenic” when I’m obtaining their health history. My heart goes out to Britney and her family.

  • He said she has a personality disorder. Schizophrenia, bipolar, ADD does not come into play here. Personality disorders are:

    Antisocial personality disorder
    Borderline personality disorder
    Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder
    Passive Aggressive

    *I think Schizotypal personality disorder is an accurate diagnosis.

    • #1 schizophrenia personality disorder doesn’t exist. #2 the diagnosis is made up from fear of her public image being caused irreparable harm. The original mental health records have been sealed by a judge for this purpose. Do you see Amanda Bynes getting a 15 million dollar contract? No, the schizo stigma is all it takes to cripple someone socially, even if they don’t have it.

  • The girl went through hell, divorce, psycho manager using her, probably drugging her. Anyone would go a little crazy. Her dad seems to be milking it for all it’s worth.

    Let’s give the girl a break, she’s human.