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Sandra Bullock Doesn’t Give A F-ck About Dating


Sandra Bullock just doesn’t give a f-ck about dating, you guys. She’s made it clear she’s not planning to date Clooney any time soon. She also thinks everything happens for a reason, so she’s totally cool with chilling until she meets someone. Since all the media likes to do is ask women about their love lives (or lack thereof) here’s what Ms. Bullock told Entertainment Weekly who named her “entertainer of the year” (via People),

If [a relationship] should come along, great. But I feel like I’m not missing anything yet. Maybe one day I will. But my son is 3 years old, which is an amazing age. Four is an even better age. So if something happens, great, but if not, I’ve got plenty to do.

Like promote her biggest box office opening film of all time, and most likely accept some sweet award nominations.

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  • I think this lady got her heart squashed ‘way more than most people really knew. She’s got her priorities straight by putting her little boy first and kids do take up a lot of energy and emotion. It must have been trauma added to pain to have J.James cheat on her with a biker chick and then for him to be so gauche and public and nasty by comparing her with Sandra! I don’t see her finding anyone for years, if ever. She wasn’t just burned, she was roasted alive in public.

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