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Filming ‘Gravity’ Really Depressed Sandra Bullock

sandra bullock

Sandra Bullock is lovely and really sweet and one of the least offensive stars in Hollywood and I’ve been wanting to see Gravity for EVER (I need to hit up that IMAX – is it worth it?) so it sucks that she dealt with depression while shooting the film. The nature of the the whole “stuck in space” storyline meant she had to spend a fair bit of time in an isolation tank – we’re talking 8-10 hours some days – which really took a toll on her mental and emotional state.

From The View (via DS):

“I was depressed, I was angry, I would get so sad because it was a black room, no human contact, they took away sound.”

Bullock explained that director Alfonso Cuarón helped her through difficult periods by bringing her son Louis to her.

“What they did was, Alfonso could see, because he had cameras always on my face, he would be like, ‘She’s cracking, she’s cracking, go get the kid’.

“They’d created this whole wonderland just outside for Louis [to keep him occupied during filming], so [they brought him in].”

Aw, that’s sweet. We all know Louis is the cutest kid EVER, so I can see why that would cheer anyone up, to be honest. I can imagine that would be really depressing, though. Ahhh, I gotta see this movie!

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  • You HAVE to hit the IMAX… best use of 3D I’ve seen so far. That movie really got under my skin, I sat there crying for about an hour. It’s really intense. But so awesome, really.

  • Visually stunning. I think it is mostly eye candy. Characters are flat. The whole idea that NASA would send someone like Sandra Bullock’s character to space is unconceivable/unbelievable. The idea that there is no sound in space is emphasized, but the movie uses pretty annoying music at all times to tell you how you are supposed to feel. Hate reading Alfonso and Jonas Cuaron explaining what they were trying to do. So stupid it makes me want to jump from my window five times.