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A Wild Kirsten Dunst Emerges!


Kirsten Dunst — I feel like we haven’t seen her on a red carpet for a major film in for-f-cking-ever. Well here she is, in all her polkadotted glory for Anchorman 2: We’re Not Ready To Let This Shit Die. (No but really, I’ll probably see it.)

Last she was in the news was about her boring emails, making gang signs on a magazine cover, and how in said magazine she talked about how gross it was to kiss Brad Pitt.

She’s got some sort of role or maybe just cameo in the Anchorman sequel, hence he premiere red carpet appearance. What do we think of this look?


It’s cute but it’s a little too neighborhood BBQ for me. And did she do anything to her hair, or is she letting it air dry? Did she let Nicole Kidman’s dude do her hair?

What do you think of her red carpet look? And are you excited for her return?

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  • WTF, did she match her shoes to her eyes? Looks bad. Her man on the other hand looks gooooood. Like a young Harrison Ford, damn…