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Gaga’s Doesn’t Care That Madonna Doesn’t Like Her And Is Sick Of The Comparisons


Lady Gaga is getting tired of the Madonna comparisons, everyone. And also, she’s pretty certain Madonna doesn’t like her. And she doesn’t care. She almost wears it as a badge of honor. Honestly? I would, too. If Madonna didn’t like me, I’d be proud. Not sure why. I guess it’s the idea of pissing off such a huge star. Here’s what she told Howard Stern, via MTV News:

“There’s not so many ways you can interpret it,” she said when asked by Stern if perhaps jealousy was behind the frequent shots she’s taken from pop icon Madonna over the years. “To me honestly I think she’s more aggravated that I’m not upset that she doesn’t like me. Because I don’t care that she doesn’t like me, No, I don’t care.”

He also wondered what happened between her and one-time supporter Perez Hilton. “I don’t really care anymore,” she said of their very public blow-up.

“The whole thing is really rooted in Madonna, that’s the sort of center of it and nobody’s really said that or admitted to it,” she said of her break with Hilton. “It’s silly. There’s always this pissing match, ‘Did she take her torch?’ [and] ‘Is she the new her?’ ‘Is she going to outlast her?’ … There’s this thing with some people that I’m a threat to the throne,” she said of the constant comparisons between her and Madonna.

“And I don’t want your f-cking throne and no thanks. And I have my own and I don’t actually want a throne at all.”

You know what? That line last? Well said, Gaga. Well said. She’s probably getting really tired of these lame-ass celeb fights she’s been getting in. I would be, too. Most of them aren’t even her fault.

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  • The mere fact that Gaga SAYS she doesn’t care, is a sure sign she DOES. Petulant child. Madonna performed that Mash-up to prove a point and it did. It proved that BTW fit like a glove into Express Yourself! End of? No! LG has to keep bringing up Madonna. Why? Because Madonna is publicity and LG needs it right now . She needs to stop playing the victim. Let’s not forget, if there is a victim it’s Madonna. She’s the one who got ripped off. Also Madonna said “I actually like Gaga and I’m glad I helped her write her song”. When did she say she didn’t like her!!! In fact it was Madonna’s fans initially pointing out the rip-off. Madonna kept a dignified silence until LG lied on Paul O’Grady show in UK. She said she’d had an email from Madonna in support of the song, a fact that was immediately denied by Madonna’s rep. Madonna’s only comments have been those quoted above and calling LG reductive! Madonna’s dignity is what LG should copy. She’s lucky she’s not fighting a law suit.

  • I don’t think it’s necessary for some winky-dinks to over-analyze Lady Gaga’s statements. I like her. Always have, probably always will. Good for her. Not that she needs any sympathy or taking sides, or all that. Anyhow, keep on doin’ it!

    • Very superficial! Living in the 1%. But then that’s what Gaga’s all about – all image no substance. When the wrapping’s off the gift is very disappointing.