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Kelly Osbourne Apologized To Lady Gaga For “Acting Like A Child”


Truly shocking news: Kelly Osbourne apologized to Lady Gaga for behaving like a childish twit after Gaga tried to apologize to her with a birthday cake. She tweeted,

@ladygaga I acted like a child last night. Just not into publicity stunts call me & we will end this like adults I dont want 2 fight anymore

That’s pretty close to a real apology. “Just not into publicity stunts” is a little snippy, and a little “sorry that what you did upset me” instead of “sorry I acted stupid” BUT she DID say, “I acted like a child” so I’m going to give Kelly props. For someone who’s not into publicity stunts though, how does she explain her history of twitter tirades against Gaga and slamming her in the press?

No, no, still, I’m giving Kelly props. Good job. Way to act your real age of 29 instead of 9.

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  • Honestly I’ve never followed the two ladies very closely, and I don’t even remember how this started. I’ve gotta say though, despite the fact that Kelly retaliated immaturely in the past, I’ve gotta give her props as well. It’d be scary as hell having such a massive[ly terrifying] fanbase attack you, and she probably had a few extremely overwhelming moments where she just wanted things to stop or go away, so she lashed out like an animal in a corner.
    I say good for her not backing down, and also stepping back and willing to address things. She must be sick of this bullshit. Although hey, publicity…

  • they’re both fame whorin’ twats. it was probably planned for publicity, just like the perez hilton bullshit. eat a dick, ladies! (not you, EB…)