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Heidi Montag Has Boob Regret


Heidi Montagremember her? She’s so perfectly ’00s. I’m amazed she can exist after the end of that decade, although she definitely dresses like she’s still in it. Anyway she’s come out of the decade with a few regrets of her own. Two of them. Two big ones. Three pounds each!

I’m talkin’ bout her jugs. She regrets her massive implants. Here’s what she told Entertainment Tonight (via Reality TV World):

Sometimes when I’m sitting there, my breasts hurt so bad I just want to like rip them off… I do regret getting the implants.

I have a ruptured disk in my neck, the nerves are like pinching with the spine, and then I’m having severe back problems with my muscles on my right shoulder, and my spine is being pulled forward from the weight of my breasts. I’ve had numbness in my arm as well from the pinched nerves because of everything, so my arm has been going numb on and off for several months now. [Jesus Christ!]

I wasn’t warned by my doctor at all about back problems, about the repercussions. I have my new doctor who’s like, ‘You should never have been allowed by the doctor to get implants this big.” I put my security and sexuality in my breast size instead of my confidence.

[They should] really think about it and really research it, because they look great and they sound fun, but once you get them that’s it, you’ve done the damage to your skin, to your back, to your muscles. Is that vanity worth potentially harming yourself? And for me, that answer is, ‘No.’

Snooki, I know you want to change your boobs, but be careful!

Ladies with big boobs (real or fake): do you feel her pain? I know it was her decision to get these done, but I feel bad for her.

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  • I can understand people with smaller breasts feeling self-conscious and wanting larger ones, but NO ONE needs breasts that size. They look ridiculous not sexy, and as someone with pretty large boobs for my size, back ache is definitely a problem. They also contribute to my terrible posture, for sure.

    Her doctor should’ve told her but I can’t help but think she wouldn’t have heeded her doctor’s advice at the time anyway, if she had been told.

  • As someone with DDD’s, yes back pain occurs because of your breasts. Especially if and when you do anything active. However, numbness in the extremities and the painful extremes to which she spoke of, I have yet to experience. For me I just get sore in my shoulders and back when I workout and stuff.

    So is she just gonna bitch about it and not do anything? If her new doctor i so great why doesn’t he just remove them and get he some smaller, more manageable implants?

  • I have (natural) DDD’s and it’s not fun. I also understand how people with smaller breasts might feel self-conscious, since society is hyper focused on large breasts, but the physical repercussions are not worth breast augmentation. I have horrible posture which my chest partially contributes to, pain in my neck and shoulders from my chest and because it’s hard to find a good, supportive bra, difficulty exercising because of it….the list goes on. Not worth it!

  • “Heidi Montag Has Boob Regret”

    I really thought this story was going to be about Spencer !!!! lol