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Snooki Calls Her Boobs “Disgusting”

snooki dancing with the stars

Celebrity boob alert! Snooki is talking about her boobs and not favorably. She says they’re “disgusting.” And she’s blaming her kids. Motherhood and all that. I guess some women experience boob saggage after having kids, but she’s only 25. Poor girl. She can afford to get them fixed though, which is what she’s thinking of doing. As told to Bethenny Frankel on her show Bethenny (via People):

My boobs are disgusting. My boobs are hanging, my boobs got so big. You can’t see now because I have a bra – I have a Victoria’s Secret Wonder Bra on – but when I don’t, they just sag and it’s like skin, so I am thinking of getting a boob job maybe … I want to feel confident with my boobies and I don’t.

Frankel told her to, “get the lift.” Jeez.

You can currently see Snooki dancing her boobs off on Dancing with the Stars.



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  • and we need to know this WHY?!
    and so the plastic surgery begins….the story is an excuse to start then it’ll just steamroll into nose, cheeks (all four), thighs, lips, eyes face etc. C’mon it’s nothing that hundreds of sluts before her have done before or the thousands after her.

  • I had a complaint from Snookies boobs saying that they found her face disgusting & her ego was expanding faster than her waistline, they were concerned she may not get her big head through doors soon. We can solve the face thing, I have sent Snookie a large paper bag with two eye holes so our view of her will be vastly improved!