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Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel wears her 4-year-old daughter’s clothes

bethenny frankel

Bethenny Frankel has always been a bit insane, but she was still the sanest amongst the original Real Housewives of NYC. She’s a real businesswoman and apparently a real tiny person, too, because she managed to fit herself into her 4-year-old daughter Bryn’s pyjamas.

Here’s how she captioned the above photo:

“This is my daughter’s nightgown and PJ shorts. Think we’re ready to start sharing clothes yet?”

Uh… LOL? Obviously Bethenny is naturally somewhat petite, but I don’t necessarily think it’s something to brag about that you fit in your 4-year-old kid’s clothes. Some of her followers agreed with me, too, and urged her to show caution with shit like this since, you know, her daughter needs to have a healthy body image as she gets older and not feel like she needs to fit into clothes meant for someone to be 1/10th of her age.

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Bad News For Bethenny: Talk Show Cancelled


Bethenny Frankel‘s talk show was cancelled. I’m sure she’ll find a way to blame Ellen DeGeneres for this, or anyone but herself. It sounds like the show was cancelled due to low ratings, but I bet it’s also because this woman has no charisma at all. From CBS News:

The talk show, hosted by former “Real Housewives of New York” star Bethenny Frankel, has officially been canceled after one season on the air, according to Deadline.

The series, which tapes at the CBS Broadcast Center in New York, has delivered moderate ratings since its debut in September, averaging a 0.9 in households this season.

The decision was made by Telepicture Productions, which produces “Bethenny,” after a deal with affiliates failed to be reached.

“I had a blast doing this show with Telepictures,” Frankel said. “My entire staff worked so hard and made everyday so much fun. I am thankful for the experience and for all my fans who tuned in every day.”

Apparently, Meredith Veira is going to get her timeslot. Man, that chick seems to get everyone’s leftovers, doesn’t she?

Did you watch Bethenny? How was it?

I still think this is the best thing she’s ever produced, and that’s not saying much for something that tastes like watered down Gatorade:


Screw it, let’s just make this a cocktails post. What’s YOUR favorite cocktail? I’m a martini woman.

Cheers, Bethenny.

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Bethenny Frankel And Ellen DeGeneres Aren’t On Good Terms

bethenny frankel talk show

Bethenny Frankel‘s talk show is going about as well as Kris Jenner‘s. Each had their own big name guest that they got by pulling strings. Kris got Kanye, by begging Kim and/or threatening her life, and Bethenny got Justin Bieber by using Ellen DeGeneres. But then things started to go downhill. Here’s apparently what’s going on with Bethenny and Ellen, via The Stir:

Apparently, Bethenny’s new daytime show is doing, in a word, dismally. Ratings are so bad that Ellen DeGeneres, the talk show queen who gave Bethenny her show, has asked to have her name as removed from the show’s credits because she’s “embarrassed.” [...]

During Bethenny’s trial run, Ellen was able to pull some strings and, by the grace of God, get Justin Bieber on the show. But since her show has been picked up, Ellen and her booking agent, who reportedly promised to hook Bethenny up, haven’t been able to get a single big-name celeb on the show. The supposed reason? No one wants to make an appearance on a show hosted by a former Housewife. Ellen’s people evidently have tried to get Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Miley Cyrus on the show, but all refused to make an appearance based on that very reason.

I love Bethenny’s “Skinnygirl” alcohols but other than that, she does nothing for me. She’s just kind of there, hovering with her gigantic sleepy smile.

Whose show would you rather watch: Kris’ or Bethenny’s?

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